Thursday 20 September 2012

Update: You Are Here AKA The Maze festival

Because the organisers of the Maze festival at West Germany are the coolest people, we have been able to get a quick update from them on how the first days of the two-week-event have been going. It is such an exciting project, which we wholeheartedly support, so go on over and have a look. Here is what organiser Grinni had to say on the initial days:

"First days of the MAZE were as diverse at it can get! People self-directing their way through a labyrinth of woven strings and sonic experiments:

From the clash of the opening with Diamond Terrifier's meditative otherworldly saxophone performance to the fragile and intense dream-pop of Sean Nicholas Savage to Gandoola oond Krapoola's Sickotheke aka crawling on the floor with turntables. Sunday continued with a spiritual cleansing and enlightening performance by Jimmy Trash & Professor Mugglestone, where audience -one-by-one - going thru stages yet intimate, disgusting, confusing, teaching and comforting, set to encounter a purified self. On to Jim Avignon's Monday of weird electronic anti folk. Tuesday ending the first part of the MAZE with a challenging night of instrumental solo and group performances by Axel Dörner, Olaf Rupp, Jan Roder, Oli Steidle, Carlos Giuffoni." 

We are so privileged to have this happening in our town. Yeah! 

BTW, also check out the little preview that Noisey ran last week. It will give a brief overview of the idea behind the festival.


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