Monday 30 April 2012

some preview additions

I just found out about an interesting three day event at HAU from 3rd to 5th of May, called "APOCALYPSE NOW (AND THEN) – DAS ENDE DER WELT IN DER POPKULTUR." There's going to be a mix of lectures by quite a few interesting people (like Simon Reynolds and Dietmar Dath) and concerts afterwards. Aethenor will play on Thursday, they're a doom band around Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley. On Friday, Bohren & der Club of Gore will close the evening. They play dark, slow and doomy jazz and if you haven't seen them by now, you have to attend this! They're awesome live and they don't play that many shows. The absolute perfect soundtrack to the Apocalypse of pop! On Saturday, the last evening, The Caretaker and Tu Fawning are on the bill.

Also worth mentioning is that Sir Richard Bishop will play at NK this Thursday. He does quite awesome things on most times just a guitar, sounding like a genre mix between classical acoustic guitar and Indian, African and Middle Eastern influences. See the video below to get an impression of what his music sounds like.

Preview: the week ahead (30th Apr - 6th May)

Frühsommer, as we say in German, is the best! But we're expecting real depression when the temperatures will drop again. Let's make the most of the sunshine, while we can, as in, let's publish a real short preview for a real mellow week.

Monday (as in tonight)
Eric Ayotte at Gebrüll und Scheisse: Singer-songwriter with a punk rock background doing his thing. Be there 8pm on the dot. Address can be found in our calendar entry.

Onan and Camera at Knochenbox: Italien post-rock and Berlin based krautrock underneath a church.

Fanfarlo and Greg MacPherson at Postbahnhof: Hopefully Greg MacPherson will get some more attention here than at his last Berlin concert (see our review here). He's definitely worth it and he surely is one of the more interesting singer songwriter musicians around these days. I never heard of Fanfarlo before. They play fluffy indie pop music and seem to be a bit bigger, considering they play Postbahnhof. Not my cup of tea really but Greg MacPherson is still worth watching live.

U.S. Girls at Marie-Antoinette: We have reviewed this lady's awesomeness before. Go and be open-minded and mesmerised. Gig of the week, hands down.

Demon's Claws at West Germany: Raw lo-fi garage rock from Canada on a Saturday night? Sure, sounds swell! For fans of Thee Oh Sees, etc.
The Burning Hell at Marie-Antoinette: M-A is a happening place this week. Tonight we can hang out here to hear good quality folk music by The Burning Hell, also from Canada.
Tu Fawning at HAU2: Quirky folk pop, previewed on the craze before. Highly anticipated gig that many music journalists will write about for sure. I'm not sure whether there are still tickets available but if so, consider purchasing one.

Debmaster and Bad Speler at bei Roy: Why not end the weekend with some weird and crazy elektro party hip hop stuff?

Saturday 28 April 2012

Review: Unbroken, Zann, Veils

Unbroken were never a band that was really important to me, even when I used to listen to hardcore a lot. But granted the chance, I decided to check them out playing live again after a relatively long time of being inactive as a band. I also just learned a day before that Zann were going to play, too. Since I had't seen them in quite a while, I became a bit curious.

C* and I entered a relatively packed Festsaal Kreuzberg while Veils were already playing. I hadn't heard of them before and I wasn't that interested either. They played more or less solid hardcore stuff with angry female vocals, but it was nothing that could have gotten me excited.

Zann were up next and I think I never saw them playing on a proper stage before. At least not on one of this size. They reformed again to play as special guests for this night, I don't know if they'll play more shows ore if they call it quits (again) now. Anyway, as I said my last Zann show took place some time ago but I kept them in good memory as a live band. They play a dark chaotic version of screamo/hardcore and they've always been good at it. However I wish I could have seen them again in a more intimate setting. Somehow for me their music just doesn't really work in such a large venue and such, let's call it 'professional', surroundings. But it was surely good to see them playing live again.

After some time of changing the stage over and me getting some air outside, Unbroken came on stage and began to play. People went crazy within seconds and started a decent mosh pit and stagedives. I haven't seen people "jumping" from the Festsaal balcony before and the Festsaal security people seemed a bit surprised, too. For a band that had been inactive for quite a while, Unbroken seemed pretty tight and apparently they also had fun playing. They sounded a bit more modern than on their records, which wasn't really a bad thing. They played quite a long set, so towards the end I got a bit bored, but I have to say that despite not being a die-hard Unbroken fan, this was surprisingly fun to watch.

Gary Walker took this video for us and you can nicely see the mayhem that was happening:

Also check out an interview with Unbroken guitarist Rob Moran on Berlinbeat. They got some other cool stuff on Berlin's music scene so take a look and poke around!

Sunday 22 April 2012


Okay this makes the week even busier, but somehow we both managed to miss that Flipper are playing in Berlin this Tuesday! If you're into early punky noise rock this is a must see! They play at Wild at Heart, for some more info check out their website (which apparently is from around the same year Flipper got together, didn't see so many trashy gifs in a long time haha...).

Saturday 21 April 2012

Preview: the week ahead (23rd - 29th Apr)

C'mon spring, make you way to Berlin, I mean properly. We need it. In the meantime, this week, in particular Wednesday and Friday, is another crazy one. It is also a electro indie kind of week btw: Friends, Molly Nilsson, Teen Daze are highly recommended synth pop gigs, Abstract Random and A Whisper In The Noise use electronics to experiment in other ways and genres, broadening your minds.

Unbroken at Festsaal: It's HC punk reunion week in Berlin. Today, we are getting a chance to see Unbroken, arguably the most admired HC band of all time, with fanatical fans, and one of San Diego's finest. I am not sure whether it's going to be the same for me without the presence of Eric Allen, who I experienced as one of the most adorable people, RIP. But this may still turn out a sweet gig, especially given the venue.
A Place To Bury Strangers at Magnet: The band name and label could give the impression we are talking about a band with a highly commercial sound. On some level this may be applicable, but most of all APTBS are very talented at playing dark wave, which sounds authentic and dancable. They won't let you down, I'm positive. Despite the venue, I recommend this gig to you.
The Antlers and I Am Oak at Berghain: A folk double bill for the romantics among you. Beautiful tunes from both of these wonderful groups.

Wednesday (where to go, what to do??)
Germinal, BATALJ and Pierce Warnecke at Knochenbox: High quality experimental noise night at Knochenbox tonight. You know our soft spot for quality noise, so you may just meet us there.
Rob Moir at Madame Claude: More banjo singer-songwriter tunes (see I Am Oak on Tuesday), this time from Rob Moir in the basement that's called Madame Claude. Dreamy and relaxed on a Wednesday. Grab a glass and a seat. Enjoy.
Rufus Wainwright at UdK Konzertsaal: Songwriter and romantic Rufus Wainwright may not look like he fits well into the world of the craze but we both, J. and I, have a soft spot for the man's jazz-influenced folk-pop. He has now teamed up with Mark Ronson of all producers, so I am curious about the new material and, if tickets are still available, have great expectations for this night.
Friends and Mika Risiko at Bi Nuu: A gem. Brooklyn indie 5-piece Friends are sure to mesmerise the audience with their dancy electro pop tunes and funky bass this Wednesday. Support comes from our talented local starlet Mika.

Bowerbirds at Lido: More folk, this time olden sounding and appealing to Beirut fans among others. High quality.

Busdriver and Amewu at West Germany: Unusual Hip Hop night at West Germany. Of course Hip Hop is not usually a craze feature but we like to branch out every now and so often. Busdriver from Los Angeles redefines the whole hip hop thing with his unusual rapping style and unexpected samples. Mind opener.
Refused at Columbiahalle: It's true, I haven't yet made up my mind whether to cheer or cry at the prospect of a Refused reunion. The Coachella footage looks promising but is lacking in energy, which may well be due to the mobile phone cameras used. Refused vowed to never reform and it discredits them that the waving of pretty green from the Californian desert would bring this group back together. Or so it seems. Really, members of this influential HC band have played together for years and in my view it was only a matter of time. I also feel that they left the scene when their music was just starting to get interesting, which was a shame. So much for the positives. Playing some fun punk fest at Columbiahalle though? Negative. Makes me wanna kick in walls, I get that frustrated. Nevertheless, chances are you will see me there. Not only was I a great admirer of their live shows and the last two records, they are also some of my dearest friends and I basically wouldn't miss this for anything. But that's just me. I really can't tell you whether to go or not.
Auxes and Big Eater at Schokoladen: If you quease at the prospect of has-beens performing at big concert halls, why not try contemporary punk legends in the making at a small alternative venue. But be early, as in 8pm, you know, the Schokoladen rule. 
Teen Daze and Brothertiger at Naherholung Sternchen: Another gem. Teen Daze do dreamy synth indie-pop, as do Molly Nilsson, but Teen Daze manage to make you feel exclusive for hearing it. Yum.
Molly Nilsson album release party at The Zone: Gig of the week. Dreamy synth indie-pop. Wait, isn't that what Teen Daze are doing, too? Yes, it is. Why are these two gigs on at the same night in separate venues, basically drawing audiences from each other? Since we have to choose, I pick Molly Nilsson just because it's that little bit more arty and I like arty. But both bands are on even points with me, they really are. Friday night's the night. (no real animation as such in this video but I am just addicted to the song)

Terrible Feelings and Pipistrelli at bei Roy: This is going to be so much fun and the perfect Saturday night entertainment. '77 punk with a rocking lady on vocals. The Swedish are so good at this. The support is from Italy. Yay.
Oval and Naoko visuals at Sophiensäle: Oval seem to play in Berlin so often that I am starting to get bored writing about them. But they are still good. And they are playing again this week. How about that.
Abstract Random and Cat Nguyen at Schokoladen: This seems random at Schokoladen. But if you were getting in the spirit at West Germany on Friday, hip hopping away to Busdriver, maybe you wish to continue with Abstract Random's electrodubhop tonight. I, for one, am super intrigued and may just make a night out of it: Schokoladen at 8pm, then Roy at 10pm. Whoop.

A Whisper In The Noise at Schokoladen: We're ending the week with another one of Schokoladen's fantastic Sunday matinées, so be there at 6pm latest. AWITN is the musical project of West Thordson, a US American artist and composer, who creates electronic soundscapes and may appeal to those of you that hang around Madame Claude's Experimental Mondays.

Thursday 19 April 2012

Oh Yum!!

Oh, now this is exciting. What a sweet bill we have at Festsaal on 11 September: Black Dice, Silver Apples and MV & EE. Oh, just yum!!!

Saturday 14 April 2012

Preview: the week ahead (16th - 22nd Apr)

It's official David Grubbs week in Berlin, with the man appearing twice for the Anthony McCall retrospective (which I am personally looking forward to) and a gig at HAU. For non-Grubbs fans there are a few gems to choose from, too. Concentrate on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Sun And The Wolf and Gunman And The Holy Ghost at St. Gaudy Café: If you are looking for something to do but have no cash, psychedelic rock band SatW are playing for free at Gaudy Straße 1 tonight. Should be fun.

The Oscillation at Bassy Cowboy Club: One of a series of gigs at Bassy that are organised by 8mm Bar. The Oscillation do psychedelic music the way that I really like: with a good drum beat and a moody atmosphere. This is going to be good.
Justice Yeldham + Ill Winds + Moon Wheel + Anna Vo & Peter Newman at West Germany: An evening of various types of experimental music at our favourite living room. Be open-minded. Be intellectual.
Jandek at HAU1: With his very distinct mono guitar sound, Jandek is something of a household name in experimental folk circles. Doodling guitar sound, Texan folk lyrics, all a bit weird. Wikipedia says "outsider music". Let's just say they're not wrong.
Sex Jams, Cobra Sculls and Bodybuilding at about:blank: Sex Jams are another group whose name you cannot google without adding the word "band" to your search. They're also another group who like distorted guitars and 90s indie rock music. And they're good at it.
Shearwater and Julie Doiron at Comet Club: Gig of the day, maybe the week. Shearwater play incredibly beautiful singer-songwriter music, beefed up with an array of instrumentalisation, that will make you buy the record after the gig and play it every Sunday morning from then onwards. And then on Thursday nights to impress your lady date. Julie Doiron is one of the most talented contemporary female singer-songwriters in the U.S.. Go to this. You will not be disappointed.

Message To Bears at Monarch: This beautiful romantic singer-songwriter music will go perfectly with the cosy atmosphere of Monarch.

Laura Gibson at Grüner Salon: Singer-Songwriter evening in Berlin. Laura Gibson does a folky version with distinct vocals and acoustic guitar. Amazingly beautiful.

David Grubbs, Kammerflimmer Kollektief and Niobe at HAU2: Tonight, the man Grubbs is performing as a trio with Andrea Belfi and Stefano Pilia. For those of you that want the real deal, i.e. a proper gig rather than an accompanying performance to an art show, tonight is the night.
The Monochrome Set at West Germany: Tonight is a tough one. The Monochrome Set's surf rock is just so unique and well written, my gran would have danced to this in the 1960s. Don your greasy hair and 50s dance shoes and jig the night away.
Great Lake Swimmers at hbc: I have been excited about this for quite some time now and hope I can still get a ticket. This band is definitely for Neil Young fans like myself. The similarity in sound and vocals is eerie sometimes. This will make my week.

David Grubbs at Hamburger Bahnhof: Your third and last chance to see the man Grubbs in Berlin. Head to the Anthony McCall retrospective artist talk at Hamburger Bahnhof for some seriously interesting art insight and musical support by the Mr. Grubbs.

Last night

...was a let-down. I actually didn't get to see Strange Boys because when I left at half past midnight, they hadn't even started playing and I was sick of the smoke and people that crowded White Trash. I did see ZHOD (who could not decide whether to play surf rock or HC - Surf Core = new genre?) and Jimmy Trash doing his usual thing. I had a great time with my date, catching up and joking and things, but brother, why does White Trash let me down every time, huh? Or in the words of my date: "You won't go to anything that's not at least excellent - you are a snob". So I am. And proud of it.

Thursday 12 April 2012

Quick review: Hard Skin

Tuesday was Oi! day for this girl. Doc Martens on my feet, I attended my first gig at Kirche von Unten. What a great venue. Why aren't there more good gigs there? Promoters of Berlin - check it out.

Anyhow, the whole affair was way too tame, I almost started heckling because the crowd was that boring. Little dancing, no shouting, all the usual fun that you typically experience at a gig by this London fun oi punk band was missing. A shame really.

But seeing and hearing the whole room yelling "We are the wankers" was priceless, truly priceless.

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Deutsches Theater with surtitles

We went to the performance of Woyzeck at Deutsches Theater last night. They offer certain performances with English surtitles and I can recommend taking advantage of this. The translations are not the best but they are good enough to help non-German speakers follow the storyline. The upcoming performances with English surtitles are Dirty Hands by Sartre, Children Of The Sun by Gorki, and Capitalista, Baby!, based on the novel by Ayn Rand.

In the case of Woyzeck, the music was written by Tom Waits and the production was using the original English songs. Tom Waits' music fit the story and mood so well; I was very impressed. I'm not a Tom Waits fan per se but the Eastern European influence in the songs gave you an instant feel for the mood and setting of the play. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Review: Earth

Let me tell you a little story first: I once fell asleep during a Mount Eerie performance. Of course this wasn't Mount Eerie's fault. I had been driving all day from LA to San Diego (which should take less than three hours in good traffic), it was a hot evening and Che Café was just cosy that night, with everyone seated on the floor to watch the performance. But it's still a good story to tell when people rave on about their love for Mount Eerie, justifiably so, and then I can just say I fell asleep when I saw them. I love watching their jaws drop...

This time round, I didn't even get the chance to fall asleep. Because when we arrived at 9:20 pm (let's just say that's early for us), we had not only missed Ô Paon but also Mount Eerie. I still haven't quite figured out how this happened. Did each band only play for 20 minutes or did the concert start even earlier than its scheduled time of 8 pm? Either way, we entered the room when Earth were playing their first song.

And we were immediately taken in. It felt as if we were entering another world, somewhere in the woods, and unknown creatures would turn around a corner any minute. We made ourselves comfortable, but our luck was poor as there were some drunks next to us, making a right racket. Interestingly enough, several audience members asked them kindly to be quiet, and it sort of half-worked. 

Earth don't do anything that you haven't heard before as such. But they've done it for a long time and they are really good at it. Their songs and soundscapes build over prolonged periods of time (maybe an average of 10 minutes per song) and really draw you in. It's like diving into the music, like becoming part of it. I had been looking forward to this gig, but I was also worried I might get bored. My attention span isn't always the greatest. But instead, I was challenged in the most interesting way to soak in what was presented to me. 

The regular performance took just under an hour and a half. And that was perfect for me - given that the music challenged you and actually required a lot of your engergy, without that you moved an inch. Unnecessarily in my eyes, they came back for an encore of two songs. People had been demanding it. This was a little overkill for me, and arguably not their best songs either. I spoke to others afterwards who felt the same.

Just the same, I was ever so glad we had forked out the cash to be part of the Earth magic for once in our lives. I cannot guarantee I will do it too many times, but I seriously enjoyed the experience.

Review: Jacuzzi Boys

This gig had been entered into my calendar for a long time but I had sort of forgotten about it until yesterday morning, when I uploaded the preview. Listening to a few of their songs online I really got into it again and although I already had a theatre date with my man, we headed straight from the theatre over to Comet to watch Jacuzzi Boys play and, as a bonus, listen to Simon Wojan's fantastic DJing skills.

My friend was probably not the only one hungover from a long Easter weekend of partying. Therefore, I was rather surprised when Comet was nicely filled and quite a few familiar faces and local rock'n'roll celebrities had showed up. The atmosphere was lively and inviting. 

Jacuzzi Boys are from Florida and they don't try to hide it. Not only are several of their songs about the very fact, they also look the part and have made their own stage backdrop from cloth with a palm trees print. Now that's style! 

Having just set up the stage minutes before, they went straight into their set and got people moving from minute one. The set progressed to become faster and more rocking with each song it seemed and there wasn't just dancing, there was jumping and pogoing (no joke) and all sorts. People actually had fun, which is something I haven't really seen in Berlin this year yet. Maybe it's Spring, maybe it was the party weekend mood, but most likely, it was Jacuzzi Boys' energy. This three-piece just gets you moving.

Musically, they sound indie rock on record, but live, it's pure punk rock - another surprise. With echo effects on the vocals and sped up versions of most of their hits, it's a raw and fast affair. However, what makes this band stick out is the rhythm section. These two are professionals: fine drumming and a superb bass sound. I could have just had the bass lines and been happy just the same. I recommend this band to you. They may go far.

There is something to be said for those early shows at Comet. Even with hanging around for a while after the gig, we were home early enough to watch some old episodes of Password.

Monday 9 April 2012

Preview: the week ahead (9th - 15th Apr)

Boah! Whoa! What a week ahead. You try and choose, we are struggling. See you around town and when you bump into c* be sure to buy her a coke, it's her birthday on Sunday.

Arabrot and Russian Circles at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Norwegian metal noise with crossover elements. Clever. If that's your thing...
Jacuzzi Boys at Comet Club: C* is excited about this one. This Florida trio definitely appeals to fans of No Age and other bands emulating the sound of 90s indie punk à la Dinosaur Jr. C* likes this stuff. And she is up for some Jacuzzi boys action.

Om and Nadja at Berghain: Experimental legends doing it at Berghain. This is sure to be a spectacular evening. Exciting stuff!
Hard Skin at KvU: Oi legends that never set out to be oi legends. This one is going to sell out for sure. Show up early.

Xiu Xiu and Au at Festsaal Kreuzberg: I don't think we need to say much about Xiu Xiu. They're on tour presenting their latest record "Always" but I'm sure they're also going to play some older songs. I've seen several Xiu Xiu shows until now and none of them was bad. So this is kind of a sure thing.
Banque Allemande, Aimée Argote (Des Ark) and Mika Risiko at Knochenbox: Oh wow, this is where C* will spend her Wednesday evening. You should join us. Banque Allemande play 70/80s type German punk wave. High quality stuff. In addition, you get to see Aimée Argote and local girlfriend Mika Risiko (look at previous previews for links) as support. A night of party and dancing. That's for sure. BTW: check out BA's very fun video on YouTube.

Carla Bozulich's Bloody Claws (with Okkyung Lee and Morten J. Olsen) and Kim Doo Soo at Ausland: Carla Bozulich may be better known under her stage name Evangelista. She plays dark experimental music often with ambient soundscape elements. For this concert she collaborates with Okkyung Lee and other guests. Sounds like a very promising mix!
Strange Boys, Jimmy Trash And The Gunpowder Temple Of Heaven, Zhod and Delta Love at White Trash: Strange Boys and Jimmy Trash did more or less the same thing a year and a half ago and it was a wild night of partying and possibly the best gig of 2010 (see review). They've toned down their songs as witnessed by C* in LA, but nevertheless she has high hopes for this gig. May we repeat what cannot be repeated!

Michael Hurley and Josephine Foster at Ausland: Folk legends giving it their finest. High quality. Very good.
Female Drum Fest with STLS and Dark Times at bei Roy: This sounds promising! STLS are on KillRockStars records and are a two piece drum only band. So somehow this is like... drumcore? Dark Times are a Norwegian punk band. Also expect some cool DJing and partying later on.

The Samuel Jackson 5 and Petrels at Schokoladen: It seems to be a week of Norwegian music in Berlin. Here is our last northern offering of the week: instrumental rock. Have a cup of tea and a piece of cake, then head over to Schokoladen in the late afternoon for this matinée that starts at 6pm.
Modern Pets and the About Blanks at bei Roy: in the mood for some '77 garage punk? Gimme gimme gimme.
Dan Sartain at Roadrunners: For C* it's a tough choice between TV Buddhas and Dan Sartain. But it's her birthday and she needs to rock out hard on her birthday. Mr Sartain, being a suave man with a rhythmic rock guitar, might just do that for her. Roadrunners Paradise is an odd choice of venue, but what do we care. We can have a dance wherever, right?
(TV Buddhas unfortunately had to cancel their tour.)

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Review: Prinzhorn Dance School

I hadn't heard of this band until a couple of months ago when my man had J. and I listen to this, recommending we'd go to the upcoming show. I obliged and was not disappointed.

Minimalism can be interpreted in many ways and more often than not it's with an electronic element. Prinzhorn Dance School give the word a new meaning. Minimalism here means bass lines, with just the smallest amount of a melody played on guitar and a steady drum beat that, in theory, could be played with one drum stick. Basically, you get the least and the most out of your instrument at the same time. It's intelligent music, one that challenges you, but at the same time it's highly accessible and simple.

Live, this makes for a great performance. They are not your crazy dancing, engaging band. It wouldn't suit them or their music. But you want to be their friend. They have obviously listened to a lot of Crass over the years and turned this into something more pop and wavey. But the look (all black), the lyrics, the spoken word elements - it all reminded me so much of Crass and other politically active groups of the late 70s and early 80s. And I like that style. A lot. The highly rhythmic element to their music won't let you stand still either. I like even more. A lot.

Given they haven't really made a name for themselves in Germany yet and given that it was a Sunday night, the gig not only had to be moved from Festsaal to Berghain Kantine, but it was far from full, maybe a third filled. Somehow it didn't matter - because people that are into this band, are really into this band. The audience was into it. The atomsphere was good. And I am guessing the merch sales were satisfactory, too, because we queued unusually long to purchase a vinyl version of the record, which came with a free CD. 

I braved illness to go see this and I am ever so glad I did. Sure, they will come back. And sure, they should have played at West Germany in the first place, to a packed room. But what a great band to see, what a great thing to do on a Sunday night. May they return soon!

Monday 2 April 2012

Preview: the week ahead (2nd - 8th Apr)

First I thought - what a drab week. Preview done, I cannot believe our luck. There are some real highlights in there.

Bitchin Bajas at Madame Claude: Electronic soundscapes. Absolutely amazing. First gig this week to get me excited. Go see!

Neptune and Novo Line at Marie-Antoinette: Customised instruments. Industrial sound. Math. Noise. This is high-energy intelligent-core. You will love this if you like either Primus or experimental noise, or both, and you should not miss this.

Shokei and Pete the Pirate Squid at Schokoladen: Some comic punk fun experience. We have been to dance with Shokei at Schokoladen before. We have fond memories. They make us laugh and dance at the same time. Oh sure, I'm sure they are serious about their art, but whatever. Laugh and dance we say! Update: see J.'s comment below! Aimée Argote + Mika Risiko are now playing instead of Shokei.

Klink and Batalj at bei Roy: Tis is the one that really gets me excited this week! KLINK is a dutch/german jazz improvisation trio and J. says I need to see this as my personal challenge. BATALJ just get me excited. Noisy noise with the right elements of everything. I am a fan. But that's probably no news to you. 

Sankt Otten and Bersarin Quartett matinee at Schokoladen: Classical instruments will no doubt appear on stage for this rare performance of German institution Sankt Otten. Be super early! Not only does the gig start at 6pm sharpe, but it is likely to be busy, too.