Monday, 9 April 2012

Preview: the week ahead (9th - 15th Apr)

Boah! Whoa! What a week ahead. You try and choose, we are struggling. See you around town and when you bump into c* be sure to buy her a coke, it's her birthday on Sunday.

Arabrot and Russian Circles at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Norwegian metal noise with crossover elements. Clever. If that's your thing...
Jacuzzi Boys at Comet Club: C* is excited about this one. This Florida trio definitely appeals to fans of No Age and other bands emulating the sound of 90s indie punk à la Dinosaur Jr. C* likes this stuff. And she is up for some Jacuzzi boys action.

Om and Nadja at Berghain: Experimental legends doing it at Berghain. This is sure to be a spectacular evening. Exciting stuff!
Hard Skin at KvU: Oi legends that never set out to be oi legends. This one is going to sell out for sure. Show up early.

Xiu Xiu and Au at Festsaal Kreuzberg: I don't think we need to say much about Xiu Xiu. They're on tour presenting their latest record "Always" but I'm sure they're also going to play some older songs. I've seen several Xiu Xiu shows until now and none of them was bad. So this is kind of a sure thing.
Banque Allemande, Aimée Argote (Des Ark) and Mika Risiko at Knochenbox: Oh wow, this is where C* will spend her Wednesday evening. You should join us. Banque Allemande play 70/80s type German punk wave. High quality stuff. In addition, you get to see Aimée Argote and local girlfriend Mika Risiko (look at previous previews for links) as support. A night of party and dancing. That's for sure. BTW: check out BA's very fun video on YouTube.

Carla Bozulich's Bloody Claws (with Okkyung Lee and Morten J. Olsen) and Kim Doo Soo at Ausland: Carla Bozulich may be better known under her stage name Evangelista. She plays dark experimental music often with ambient soundscape elements. For this concert she collaborates with Okkyung Lee and other guests. Sounds like a very promising mix!
Strange Boys, Jimmy Trash And The Gunpowder Temple Of Heaven, Zhod and Delta Love at White Trash: Strange Boys and Jimmy Trash did more or less the same thing a year and a half ago and it was a wild night of partying and possibly the best gig of 2010 (see review). They've toned down their songs as witnessed by C* in LA, but nevertheless she has high hopes for this gig. May we repeat what cannot be repeated!

Michael Hurley and Josephine Foster at Ausland: Folk legends giving it their finest. High quality. Very good.
Female Drum Fest with STLS and Dark Times at bei Roy: This sounds promising! STLS are on KillRockStars records and are a two piece drum only band. So somehow this is like... drumcore? Dark Times are a Norwegian punk band. Also expect some cool DJing and partying later on.

The Samuel Jackson 5 and Petrels at Schokoladen: It seems to be a week of Norwegian music in Berlin. Here is our last northern offering of the week: instrumental rock. Have a cup of tea and a piece of cake, then head over to Schokoladen in the late afternoon for this matinée that starts at 6pm.
Modern Pets and the About Blanks at bei Roy: in the mood for some '77 garage punk? Gimme gimme gimme.
Dan Sartain at Roadrunners: For C* it's a tough choice between TV Buddhas and Dan Sartain. But it's her birthday and she needs to rock out hard on her birthday. Mr Sartain, being a suave man with a rhythmic rock guitar, might just do that for her. Roadrunners Paradise is an odd choice of venue, but what do we care. We can have a dance wherever, right?
(TV Buddhas unfortunately had to cancel their tour.)

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  1. TV Buddhas unfortunately had to cancel their tour!