Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Review: Jacuzzi Boys

This gig had been entered into my calendar for a long time but I had sort of forgotten about it until yesterday morning, when I uploaded the preview. Listening to a few of their songs online I really got into it again and although I already had a theatre date with my man, we headed straight from the theatre over to Comet to watch Jacuzzi Boys play and, as a bonus, listen to Simon Wojan's fantastic DJing skills.

My friend was probably not the only one hungover from a long Easter weekend of partying. Therefore, I was rather surprised when Comet was nicely filled and quite a few familiar faces and local rock'n'roll celebrities had showed up. The atmosphere was lively and inviting. 

Jacuzzi Boys are from Florida and they don't try to hide it. Not only are several of their songs about the very fact, they also look the part and have made their own stage backdrop from cloth with a palm trees print. Now that's style! 

Having just set up the stage minutes before, they went straight into their set and got people moving from minute one. The set progressed to become faster and more rocking with each song it seemed and there wasn't just dancing, there was jumping and pogoing (no joke) and all sorts. People actually had fun, which is something I haven't really seen in Berlin this year yet. Maybe it's Spring, maybe it was the party weekend mood, but most likely, it was Jacuzzi Boys' energy. This three-piece just gets you moving.

Musically, they sound indie rock on record, but live, it's pure punk rock - another surprise. With echo effects on the vocals and sped up versions of most of their hits, it's a raw and fast affair. However, what makes this band stick out is the rhythm section. These two are professionals: fine drumming and a superb bass sound. I could have just had the bass lines and been happy just the same. I recommend this band to you. They may go far.

There is something to be said for those early shows at Comet. Even with hanging around for a while after the gig, we were home early enough to watch some old episodes of Password.


  1. Enjoyed the concert as well. But there was one really annoying thing. First I have to say that I don´t like comet/magnet as a venue mainly because of their, how should I call it, "drinking policy". I´m just not the biggest fan of these "deposit chips" and I´m always feeling a bit alienated there.
    After the gig the bass player walked straight to the bar to get himself something to drink. When I saw that he had to actually pay the drink I got quite upset and first thought that the barman didn´t know that he was a bass player (but what are the chances?). I mean come on these guys just got you quite some money playing at your club why not give them free drinks? I think that´s absolutely not the way of treating your guests and supported my feelings towards comet/magnet.
    Nevertheless the concert was great and I hope they´ll return soon - hopefully at a venue which appreciates their music a little more.

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