Saturday 25 April 2015

Welcome back The Craze * Screaming Females competition

Yeah yeah! The Craze has been taking a break for a few months due to illness - maybe you noticed or you didn't - there is a lot of stuff out there on the interweb. 

Well, I am trying to get the whole thing started again - see where the journey takes us. To start off, I can offer you 2 tickets to one of my most anticipated gig: Screaming Females this Monday at Kantine. How great does that sound?! 

Read my previous love review if you need more convincing, then email me at win at thecraze dot de by Monday, 27 April, 12 pm. Maybe mention what you have been missing about The Craze, or don't. One lucky winner receives two guest list spaces for this fun gig and gets to rock out with us!

Can't wait!!