About The Craze

Have a look at the site. It is possible to grasp what we do with just one look at the main page. Live concerts. Berlin. Weekly preview. Gig reviews. And that is really it.

The Craze was started by C* in the second half of 2010, originally with the intention of informing out-of-town friends what to do when visiting. J. joined in the first half of 2011. C* and J. run the show on The Craze. Since the second half of 2012 we have a new contributor, XNormanX, who we love dearly. Gary Walker is our in-house amateur phone-photographer but sometimes he writes a little something for us, too.

We run The Craze because we are nerds. Simple as that. We love live music and often people turn to us for information about the goings-on in this town, which we provide with pleasure. You will seldomly find concerts in big arenas featured. We like to support artists who we feel worthy of support, so a lot of what we recommend is small scale. We like it that way. All of us work with music in some way but we do not use the blog to endorse the music that we work with directly.

What you will not see on the craze: record reviews, interviews about releases, sponsored content. We may do an interview about a forthcoming show from time to time but that is going to be a super special case in which we may want to use the chance to meet our favourite musicians, or something along those lines.

We are friendly and we don't bite. You can contact us on hello@thecraze.de or just walk up to us at gigs and say hello in person. You can contact our amazing in-house illustrator Robin via her website: http://robineisenberg.com/

Naturally, we do not offer jobs or internships - we are only a local blog for local people, not a business of any kind.