Monday 2 April 2012

Preview: the week ahead (2nd - 8th Apr)

First I thought - what a drab week. Preview done, I cannot believe our luck. There are some real highlights in there.

Bitchin Bajas at Madame Claude: Electronic soundscapes. Absolutely amazing. First gig this week to get me excited. Go see!

Neptune and Novo Line at Marie-Antoinette: Customised instruments. Industrial sound. Math. Noise. This is high-energy intelligent-core. You will love this if you like either Primus or experimental noise, or both, and you should not miss this.

Shokei and Pete the Pirate Squid at Schokoladen: Some comic punk fun experience. We have been to dance with Shokei at Schokoladen before. We have fond memories. They make us laugh and dance at the same time. Oh sure, I'm sure they are serious about their art, but whatever. Laugh and dance we say! Update: see J.'s comment below! Aimée Argote + Mika Risiko are now playing instead of Shokei.

Klink and Batalj at bei Roy: Tis is the one that really gets me excited this week! KLINK is a dutch/german jazz improvisation trio and J. says I need to see this as my personal challenge. BATALJ just get me excited. Noisy noise with the right elements of everything. I am a fan. But that's probably no news to you. 

Sankt Otten and Bersarin Quartett matinee at Schokoladen: Classical instruments will no doubt appear on stage for this rare performance of German institution Sankt Otten. Be super early! Not only does the gig start at 6pm sharpe, but it is likely to be busy, too.

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  1. the Schokoladen show on Thursday got a nice update. Shokei aren't playing but Des Ark and Mika Risiko will be sharing the bill with Petethepiratesquid that evening.
    check out the facebook event page: