Saturday 14 April 2012

Preview: the week ahead (16th - 22nd Apr)

It's official David Grubbs week in Berlin, with the man appearing twice for the Anthony McCall retrospective (which I am personally looking forward to) and a gig at HAU. For non-Grubbs fans there are a few gems to choose from, too. Concentrate on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Sun And The Wolf and Gunman And The Holy Ghost at St. Gaudy Café: If you are looking for something to do but have no cash, psychedelic rock band SatW are playing for free at Gaudy Straße 1 tonight. Should be fun.

The Oscillation at Bassy Cowboy Club: One of a series of gigs at Bassy that are organised by 8mm Bar. The Oscillation do psychedelic music the way that I really like: with a good drum beat and a moody atmosphere. This is going to be good.
Justice Yeldham + Ill Winds + Moon Wheel + Anna Vo & Peter Newman at West Germany: An evening of various types of experimental music at our favourite living room. Be open-minded. Be intellectual.
Jandek at HAU1: With his very distinct mono guitar sound, Jandek is something of a household name in experimental folk circles. Doodling guitar sound, Texan folk lyrics, all a bit weird. Wikipedia says "outsider music". Let's just say they're not wrong.
Sex Jams, Cobra Sculls and Bodybuilding at about:blank: Sex Jams are another group whose name you cannot google without adding the word "band" to your search. They're also another group who like distorted guitars and 90s indie rock music. And they're good at it.
Shearwater and Julie Doiron at Comet Club: Gig of the day, maybe the week. Shearwater play incredibly beautiful singer-songwriter music, beefed up with an array of instrumentalisation, that will make you buy the record after the gig and play it every Sunday morning from then onwards. And then on Thursday nights to impress your lady date. Julie Doiron is one of the most talented contemporary female singer-songwriters in the U.S.. Go to this. You will not be disappointed.

Message To Bears at Monarch: This beautiful romantic singer-songwriter music will go perfectly with the cosy atmosphere of Monarch.

Laura Gibson at Grüner Salon: Singer-Songwriter evening in Berlin. Laura Gibson does a folky version with distinct vocals and acoustic guitar. Amazingly beautiful.

David Grubbs, Kammerflimmer Kollektief and Niobe at HAU2: Tonight, the man Grubbs is performing as a trio with Andrea Belfi and Stefano Pilia. For those of you that want the real deal, i.e. a proper gig rather than an accompanying performance to an art show, tonight is the night.
The Monochrome Set at West Germany: Tonight is a tough one. The Monochrome Set's surf rock is just so unique and well written, my gran would have danced to this in the 1960s. Don your greasy hair and 50s dance shoes and jig the night away.
Great Lake Swimmers at hbc: I have been excited about this for quite some time now and hope I can still get a ticket. This band is definitely for Neil Young fans like myself. The similarity in sound and vocals is eerie sometimes. This will make my week.

David Grubbs at Hamburger Bahnhof: Your third and last chance to see the man Grubbs in Berlin. Head to the Anthony McCall retrospective artist talk at Hamburger Bahnhof for some seriously interesting art insight and musical support by the Mr. Grubbs.

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