Saturday 21 April 2012

Preview: the week ahead (23rd - 29th Apr)

C'mon spring, make you way to Berlin, I mean properly. We need it. In the meantime, this week, in particular Wednesday and Friday, is another crazy one. It is also a electro indie kind of week btw: Friends, Molly Nilsson, Teen Daze are highly recommended synth pop gigs, Abstract Random and A Whisper In The Noise use electronics to experiment in other ways and genres, broadening your minds.

Unbroken at Festsaal: It's HC punk reunion week in Berlin. Today, we are getting a chance to see Unbroken, arguably the most admired HC band of all time, with fanatical fans, and one of San Diego's finest. I am not sure whether it's going to be the same for me without the presence of Eric Allen, who I experienced as one of the most adorable people, RIP. But this may still turn out a sweet gig, especially given the venue.
A Place To Bury Strangers at Magnet: The band name and label could give the impression we are talking about a band with a highly commercial sound. On some level this may be applicable, but most of all APTBS are very talented at playing dark wave, which sounds authentic and dancable. They won't let you down, I'm positive. Despite the venue, I recommend this gig to you.
The Antlers and I Am Oak at Berghain: A folk double bill for the romantics among you. Beautiful tunes from both of these wonderful groups.

Wednesday (where to go, what to do??)
Germinal, BATALJ and Pierce Warnecke at Knochenbox: High quality experimental noise night at Knochenbox tonight. You know our soft spot for quality noise, so you may just meet us there.
Rob Moir at Madame Claude: More banjo singer-songwriter tunes (see I Am Oak on Tuesday), this time from Rob Moir in the basement that's called Madame Claude. Dreamy and relaxed on a Wednesday. Grab a glass and a seat. Enjoy.
Rufus Wainwright at UdK Konzertsaal: Songwriter and romantic Rufus Wainwright may not look like he fits well into the world of the craze but we both, J. and I, have a soft spot for the man's jazz-influenced folk-pop. He has now teamed up with Mark Ronson of all producers, so I am curious about the new material and, if tickets are still available, have great expectations for this night.
Friends and Mika Risiko at Bi Nuu: A gem. Brooklyn indie 5-piece Friends are sure to mesmerise the audience with their dancy electro pop tunes and funky bass this Wednesday. Support comes from our talented local starlet Mika.

Bowerbirds at Lido: More folk, this time olden sounding and appealing to Beirut fans among others. High quality.

Busdriver and Amewu at West Germany: Unusual Hip Hop night at West Germany. Of course Hip Hop is not usually a craze feature but we like to branch out every now and so often. Busdriver from Los Angeles redefines the whole hip hop thing with his unusual rapping style and unexpected samples. Mind opener.
Refused at Columbiahalle: It's true, I haven't yet made up my mind whether to cheer or cry at the prospect of a Refused reunion. The Coachella footage looks promising but is lacking in energy, which may well be due to the mobile phone cameras used. Refused vowed to never reform and it discredits them that the waving of pretty green from the Californian desert would bring this group back together. Or so it seems. Really, members of this influential HC band have played together for years and in my view it was only a matter of time. I also feel that they left the scene when their music was just starting to get interesting, which was a shame. So much for the positives. Playing some fun punk fest at Columbiahalle though? Negative. Makes me wanna kick in walls, I get that frustrated. Nevertheless, chances are you will see me there. Not only was I a great admirer of their live shows and the last two records, they are also some of my dearest friends and I basically wouldn't miss this for anything. But that's just me. I really can't tell you whether to go or not.
Auxes and Big Eater at Schokoladen: If you quease at the prospect of has-beens performing at big concert halls, why not try contemporary punk legends in the making at a small alternative venue. But be early, as in 8pm, you know, the Schokoladen rule. 
Teen Daze and Brothertiger at Naherholung Sternchen: Another gem. Teen Daze do dreamy synth indie-pop, as do Molly Nilsson, but Teen Daze manage to make you feel exclusive for hearing it. Yum.
Molly Nilsson album release party at The Zone: Gig of the week. Dreamy synth indie-pop. Wait, isn't that what Teen Daze are doing, too? Yes, it is. Why are these two gigs on at the same night in separate venues, basically drawing audiences from each other? Since we have to choose, I pick Molly Nilsson just because it's that little bit more arty and I like arty. But both bands are on even points with me, they really are. Friday night's the night. (no real animation as such in this video but I am just addicted to the song)

Terrible Feelings and Pipistrelli at bei Roy: This is going to be so much fun and the perfect Saturday night entertainment. '77 punk with a rocking lady on vocals. The Swedish are so good at this. The support is from Italy. Yay.
Oval and Naoko visuals at Sophiensäle: Oval seem to play in Berlin so often that I am starting to get bored writing about them. But they are still good. And they are playing again this week. How about that.
Abstract Random and Cat Nguyen at Schokoladen: This seems random at Schokoladen. But if you were getting in the spirit at West Germany on Friday, hip hopping away to Busdriver, maybe you wish to continue with Abstract Random's electrodubhop tonight. I, for one, am super intrigued and may just make a night out of it: Schokoladen at 8pm, then Roy at 10pm. Whoop.

A Whisper In The Noise at Schokoladen: We're ending the week with another one of Schokoladen's fantastic Sunday matinées, so be there at 6pm latest. AWITN is the musical project of West Thordson, a US American artist and composer, who creates electronic soundscapes and may appeal to those of you that hang around Madame Claude's Experimental Mondays.

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