Wednesday 12 September 2012

It's finally here aka The Maze

You Are Here aka The Maze, the two week art and music festival taking place at West Germany is finally starting and opening this Saturday! In cooperation with the artist duo Trouble, who made The Maze first happen in New York, some lovely Berlin people are hosting a pretty interesting program of bands, musicians, performances and artists in a self-built maze.

Now this Saturday, Diamond Terrifier and Sean Nicholas Savage will open the Maze along with a lecture performance from Itty Minchesta of the AtomicTitCorporation. Diamond Terrifier is Sam Hillmer and basically half of Trouble. You may have seen him playing with his band Z's at West Germany (our review here).

On Sunday, the second day of the maze, there will be a performance called Hermetistasis presented by Professor Mugglestone and Jimmy Trash. You can find some more info on this facebook event page.

Here's the full schedule of the Maze and you can find more background information on the festival itself here.

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