Monday 17 September 2012

Preview: the week ahead (17th - 23rd Sep)

What a week that was! We're still on a high. Check out our Black Dice / Silver Apples review, look forward to our Dent May review, some comments on the opening of the Maze and c*'s view on Graham Coxon when we get round to it. In the meantime, plan this week's nights out. Watch out for crazy Thursday!
P.S.: We cannot preview every single event at the You Are Here AKA The Maze festival but do check out the schedule. It's amazing and you may be surprised at the experiences you will have.

Ton Steine Scherben at Theater Tiyatrom: I have already done a mini preview on this. Band anniversary. German legends. Singer dead. Kreuzberg legacy. Punk before punk. Absolutely amazing. Go see if you can still get in! There is a second night on Tuesday, if that works out better for you.

Cian Nugent at Madame Claude: Experimental folk and blues. Sounds weird? It's not, to the contrary: it's very relaxed and highly intelligent. Don't think neo folk - this is traditional stuff. Just that one song might last for 20 minutes. Irish guitarist Cian Nugent is very talented and this will make a wonderful evening for a true folk aficionado.

Beirut at Columbiahalle: Yeuch! I mean I love Beirut and anyone open to a different kind of folk and indie music should love this one-man-project-turned-big-band but Columbiahalle must be the worst setting for Beirut. It was the Berlin Festival last time they played in town, and it was Astra before that. They need to start playing Volksbühne for a couple of nights, or Tempodrom, but not these soulless venues. I shall abstain from this gig, even though I am a big fan. But if you have never seen the amazing Beirut play, by all means, make your way up to Columbiadamm on Wednesday. 

Dan Deacon at Festsaal: The man Dan is coming back to town and everybody, I mean everybody, is talking about it. This is going to be so grrrreat. Unfortunately, this is on the same night as a billion other things - so I cannot promise you which review you are going to get yet. So be there or be square because otherwise you may not be able to talk about it with everybody afterwards.
Big Harp at Comet: The thing with Big Harp is that if you like Johnny Cash, Neil Young and twee music all mixed, or you are just a Bill Callahan fan, chances are you like this. It's this simple. Is it folk week or what?
Diät and Paro at about:blank: Yay, another Diät gig. We have said enough about these guys in the past. They rock and they are great. Just go and see them already!
Dead Skeletons at KaterHolzig: c*'s gig of the week. I have been looking forward to this for ages now. Yeah! They kind of sound like mixing Civil Civic, Dirty Beaches and Moon Duo together, and if you have been paying attention at all over the past two years, you will know that those bands feature in my top favouite bands list. I am going to dance my little ass off. Join me if you will.

The Maze festival at West Germany: The Extended Amorphous Drone For Multiple Heads curated by Aidan Baker. This is going to be a crazy night of soundscapes of the deep, dark and experimental variety. Have your mind blown by Mr. Baker this Friday and enjoy the madness of the maze while you are there.
Anton Barbeau at Madame Claude: Some might call this city hopper crazy but fun is what springs to mind first. Of Montreal is the first comparison I can think of - he's got a similar voice and a liking for pop, too. This could be good fun.

Another night at the Maze festival at West Germany: Tonight is a charitable event - a benefit for "psych folk drone whatever guitar player" Tom Carter, who was hospitalized with pneumonia while on tour in Europe this summer with Charalambides. Complications arose and he was in a coma for weeks, with significant expenses. With performances by Nadja, Jochen Arbeit & Hopek Quirin, as well as Head Of Wantastiquet, this evening will not only be a really good one musically, and will give you another chance to explore the maze into which West Germany has been transformed, but it will also serve a purpose other than just you getting wasted and partying hard. 

King Tuff at Monarch: Classic garage rock, a little lo-fi, but very pop and 70s sounding. This is going to be so rad and so full and so fun. There is a lot of talk about town referring to this show, and rightly so. Yum.
White Lung and Terrible Feelings at Roy: The Canadian group White Lung is making waves in the international music press (Pitchfork high score) at the moment and I am excited about it. We need more punk rock in our lives and when it's this accessible, you cannot go wrong. Think Mika Miko, think Bikini Kill but also think every great punk band you saw when you were 15. We will dance and kick ass at Roy's on Sunday. Support from Terrible Feelings - they do a very similar thing and we have previewed them before. See you there!!

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