Thursday, 6 September 2012

Quick review: Eagles of Death Metal

Some famous makers of guitar amplifiers are celebrating their 50th anniversary these days. In light of that they released some near gear and threw a party at Berlin's Hansa Tonstudio. Eagles of Death Metal were willing to perform and bow to the amps, maybe got a few bucks for this, too. So I got the chance to indulge in some unusual flavours of sorbet, while watching this rock group play.

I have always been intrigued by EoDM. I love that LA song they did, it's so catchy. And I honestly think there isn't enough dirty rock'n'roll of the rockstar variety out there these days. EoDM nicely fill that gap and just rock out, with moustaches and all. Live, they were loud. I mean, loud. The venue wasn't exactly a rock club and the audience was lacking the leather trousers to go with this loudness. And there was no oxygen in the room whatsoever. But I was impressed. I mean, they have a few hits and the rest are fillers in my view, and do bore me, but boy, these guys rock so hard and display a sense of humour while doing so. I dig that. 

So we had a good time, some free drinks, and were given some real rock'n'roll in a pretentious setting, which was curiously less judging than some of the other gigs I attend. How about that. A fun night out and I'd do it again in a dash.

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