Friday 14 September 2012

Lisboa report II: Moon Duo

Going to a gig in Southern Europe is different to going to a gig in Berlin. And then it is also not. 

It was still hot late at night when we strolled through Lisbon after a nice dinner at a gay-friendly restaurant (funny how they make a point of advertising this fact) and watched the craziness of a Saturday night in Lisbon's entertainment district. We thought we were "on time" arriving at the venue way past midnight. But we were the first guests to show up and had to wait another full hour before the support band played. 

I cannot remember the name and I don't feel it is relevant to google them. They were a cute local college two-piece and the girls knew how to rock, in a lo-fi way. Their friends had come out in support and there was some serious youth club dancing going on. It was all rather quaint. 

The venue was actually a super hip, very chique club below street level, near the waterfront. The drinks on offer were posh and those that had come out to see Moon Duo rather than the college support band were clearly young hip professionals and probably a few tourists. The audience was therefore rather reserved, albeit into the headline band, and not nearly as passionate as I would have maybe expected, given the hot Southern stereotype.

Moon Duo played anything from very old material to songs of the new forthcoming album. For the new record, the concept hasn't changed much - it is still repetitive, doodly, sexy and übercool. As always, they rocked so hard, they looked so cool, the songs worked so well. People were into it, you could tell. And I was the fan that I am again. Forgotten was our dinner the night before, forgotten the hang outs at other times. Now there was my favourite band and I was their biggest fan. 

It was a nice taster for the new album and the upcoming Berlin gig this autumn. And when people came and asked for autographs after the gig, I knew it wasn't just me who gets this mesmerised by their music and stage presence. I simply love Moon Duo and so does the world.

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