Saturday 22 September 2012

Preview: the week ahead (24th - 30th Sep)

C* is still busy readjusting her mind after it was blown by Dead Skeletons earlier this week. What can possibly attempt to top this in the following week. Oh yes, Dirty Beaches in the Maze. And come and say hello to J. and I on Monday at the anticipated Ted Leo gig.


Ted Leo and Rebecca Gates at Monarch: The music of Ted Leo and his various projects has been part of my life since I was 17. So I have a super soft spot for the man. Nostalgia aside, I also firmly believe that this evening is going to be real nice, with Rebecca Gates being a welcome complementation to Ted's music, and that you should show up early to get in. Hang out with J. and me if you feel like it.
Islands at .HBC: ANTI- protegés Islands play quirky pop. It's quite special and should appeal to fans of Magic Numbers. Now, I thought .HBC was still closed and their website certainly suggests so, however, the web lists a few gigs at .HBC. If anyone thinks this has been moved and can tell me where to, I would very much appreciate it. Otherwise, I just have to believe the written word and assume that Islands are indeed playing at .HBC.


Xerxes and The Tidal Sleep at K19: Fast HC Noise, which is something of a dying breed. We love our HC noise, so if this up your street as well, Tuesday is the night to have your ears blown. Yay.


Yowie and The Kurws at bei Roy: In the late 90s a friend once likened Skin Graft records to "a bunch of cymbals being thrown down the stairs and that being called music." He wasn't wrong there. Of course, this can be brilliant and, let's face it, the label has ventured out a bit since. Nowadays, bands like Quintron bring out records on Skin Graft. However Yowie are of the old school variety of bands on the label, meaning they play highly deconstructed analogue music that sometimes really does sound like those cymbals on those stairs. And we love 'em for it. If you are open to have your musical universe expanded, head to Roy on Wednesday.
The Maze festival at West Germany: Dirty Beaches are tonight's act and most likely the one that will have the masses turn up at a reduced capacity West Germany. Be prepared to queue, and possibly be turned away, when one of our favourite current performers hits the stage while people get lost in the maze. See our review from his last Berlin performances.

Fu Manchu at Lido: Stoner rock legends for whom I have always had a soft spot. I once sold my album for way too little on ebay. I regret it to this day. Go go Godzilla!
The Maze festival at West Germany: Tonight is a local night in the Maze, with Big Eater, Al Burian's Berlin based funky post-punk project, wavey post-punk project Ill Winds, and noisey mathcore group NOEM.

King Khan & BBQ Show, Bikes and Delta Love at Festsaal Kreuzberg: The Canadian Mr. Khan has been living in our city for quite some time and performed earlier this year at this very venue. Yet, it still got me excited to see this headline show announced. Want some weirdness, a good jig, and extreme fun? Don't miss this gig!


Eddie Argos & The Lo Fi Punk Rock Motherfuckers at White Trash Fast Food: I am a big Art Brut fan. With that I am of course not referring to the art movement (though that was great, too), but to the British rebel pop group. I mostly love Art Brut for the lyrics and Eddie Argos' unmistakable singing style. The other night at a party someone said "I am sure that was just Eddie Argo there". Well it was. He resides in Berlin and his new project is performing at White Trash on Saturday. Meet me there!
Deep Time and Don Nino at Schokoladen: Deep Time used to be called Yellow Fever, but apparently they were not as good then. Well, the duo, who play indie pop in a varied and intelligent way, please my need for K-Records style pop very much now. Remember Cadallaca and Olympia, WA groups like that? Good to know there are still musical projects like this. See you Friday at 7 pm!


Daniel Bachman and Helen Gillet at Madame Claude: Guitar virtuoso and folk musician Daniel Bachman is gracing this city on Saturday. If you like steel string guitars and good folk music, you will enjoy this greatly. It's hard to stand out in this genre - I believe Daniel Bachman does because he plays that instrument like no other. Support from talented jazz musician Helen Gillet.


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  1. I had originally incorrectly listed the Eddie Argos gig for Saturday. It's today, Friday, dear people. Sorry!!