Wednesday 19 September 2012

Super quick review: Graham Coxon

I was invited to go see Graham Coxon at Postbahnhof the other day and I accepted.

He had brought with him a five people band and, at times, they were playing four guitars simultaneously. It was a very loud and noisy affair that I didn't expect. Overall the gig turned out to be more punk than I would have guessed beforehand, even though the audience was very Brit Pop heavy. Graham's out-of-tune voice over heavily layered and distorted guitars turned out a distinct punk sound that ran through the entire evening, despite obvious influences from other genres.

The man played for nearly two hours and people loved it. I was wishing for some more variety to the set and would have probably been fine with half the length. But I confess that it was not at all what I expected and that I came away with some respect for the man Coxon. If people associate you with Blur and then you churn out noisy snotty punk like that, that takes some guts. I am glad it was appreciated.

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