Sunday 30 September 2012

Factory: Manchester from Joy Division To Happy Mondays

You can right now watch the entire BBC documentary "Factory: Manchester from Joy Division To Happy Mondays" from 2007 on vimeo . It's a pretty interesting take on the british music scene around the Factory label in the late 70s and early 80s and it's definitely worth a look! Check it out here or see below (info text from the vimeo site beneath).

"(2007) Factory: Manchester from Joy Division To Happy Mondays from Rock Docs on Vimeo.

In a dark, northern city in the late 70s, five dreamers built a record label - Factory; 3 classic bands - Joy Division, New Order and Happy Mondays, and Britain's first super club - The Hacienda.

Led by Tony Wilson, they created a unique collision between conceptual art and street music. This is the story of how a TV presenter (Wilson), an out of work actor (Alan Erasmus), an art student (Peter Saville), a DJ (Rob Gretton) and an aspiring record producer (Martin Hannett) pioneered Britain's independent pop culture, imagined a new Manchester, and blew a shed-load of money.
Featuring an extensive interview with Factory's creative genius Anthony Wilson who sadly died Friday 10 August 2007, this 90 minute documentary celebrates the triumph, tragedy and human comedy that was Factory and is a fitting tribute to Wilson's contribution to British pop culture and to Manchester.

Directed and Produced by Chris Rodley
Narrated by John Simm

© 2007 BBC

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