Monday, 10 September 2012

Preview: the week ahead (10th - 16th Sep)

Brother, we're knackered and we're not trying to hide it. Music week was crazy, autumn is crazy, and we're loving it. Here is the next week of mayhem for you.
P.S.: And what's with those temperatures? 28°C in mid-September? Hello global warming!

Lawrence Arabia at Roter Salon: This New Zealand dude listened to Talking Heads when hanging out in his bedrooms as a teenager I reckon. It's only rock'n'pop but I like it, like it, yes I do.

Black Dice, Silver Apples and MV&EE at Festsaal Kreuzberg: This is pretty much our gig of the week, of the month, hell, maybe of the year. I really hope it's going to live up to our expectations! Black Dice play awesome and weird experimental electronic music. They somehow perfectly pursue what Silver Apples began almost 40 years ago when they recorded two extraordinary records, mostly using a huge amount of analog synthesizers and creating something pretty innovative between Krautrock and early electronic music.

Larsen at Marie Antoinette: Another rather quick return to Berlin. Larsen played together with Jamie Stewart from Xiu Xiu not long ago at the same venue (read about that show here) and now they're back without their extra member. They play an interesting take on psychedelic post rock, if that's your thing somehow you should give them a try!
Reigning Sound at Roadrunner's: See my review from before. These godfathers of modern garage punk are not to be missed if you are into that kind of thing and will rock hard this Wednesday. Yay!

Evangelista and B/B/S at Berghain Kantine: Carla Bozulich already returns to Berlin, this time she brings her band Evangelista. Evangelista play intense dark drony music, carried by Carla's distinctive voice and lyrics. They will be supported by B/B/S, a new project around Aidan Baker from Nadja, so you'll probably be able to imagine where this is going. This is definitely another highlight of the week and I'm very much looking forward to this!

Expo '70, Ancient Ocean and Du Champ at The Zone: Our Noisekölln experts write "Expo '70's first album "Animism", which debuted in 2007 on Kill Shaman, is an eclectic mix of krautrock, ambient drone, space exploration and minimal compositions. Comparisons range from Brian Eno, Ash Ra Tempel, A.R. & Machines, SunnO))) and Earth, but not directly sounding like any of those artists in their entirety," and that's a marketing pitch we are happily falling for. Thursday is noise day.

La Moustache celebrate their fifth birthday with a two-day festival taking place at bei Roy and Festsaal Kreuzberg. The bei Roy Friday will feature Petethepiratesquid, Karo, Los Cripis and Bathtub Theory. Finally another Petethepiratesquid show, they seem to be pretty rare nowadays. And of course all the best and happy birthday to La Moustache, we hope they'll stick around another 5 years putting up great shows!

Festsaal Kreuzberg will host the second day of the La Moustache Birthday with Chinawoman, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Verity Susman and The Shondes. Promising line up between 80s influenced dark electro pop, indie country music and catchy indie punk tunes.
Dent May & Band at Monarch: Electro pop that's danceable and dreamy all the same and, well, pop. If you like Of Montreal you will appreciate this artist. Hipsters may talk about this gig for a while, so if you want to be able to talk along, hop on over to Monarch, don your best ironic dress and hold a glass of wine while you jig away.

Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard and Freschard at Festsaal Kreuzberg: OK, so I am this big fan, yet I manage to miss Jeff Lewis everytime he hits this town. This is because he always plays as part of festivals or events where I am not interested in anything but the man Lewis. So when I heard about this headline show I got so very excited. As far as political singer-songwriters with a social sensibility and humor go, this man is the prince of the genre. I will bi a little girl admiring him for his wit and then I will report back to you on Monday. Alright! Btw, Freschard is known to Berliners from her amazing performances with Stanley Brinks. Be early and don't miss this very wonderful lady.

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