Sunday, 30 September 2012

Preview: the week ahead (1st - 6th Oct)

There are a few niceties in the calendar for the coming week, but nothing really gets me as excited as some of the amazing events we experienced the past three weeks. And it feels good. A little break from the madness of autumn gig season, a few nights to enjoy the new cold weather with some hot cocoa and a good book. But if you are like "party party", here is where to head.

Staer, Horacio Pollard, Contagious Orgasm and Tzii at bei Roy: Staer already played in Berlin several times and the seem to like it so much, they even named one of their songs "Neukölln". And Neukölln is where they will be playing this Tuesday. They play heavy math rock influenced noise rock one could easily mistake for some bands on Skingraft records. Accompanied by some more artists ranging from harsh noise to ambient drone sounds, this is probably going to be an intense evening of experimental music. 
Cave and Camera at .HBC: Cave are an instrumental group on Drag City that do a psychedelic math core thing, as if you were to stick Civil Civic and Moon Duo into one band, with a helping of Stereolab thrown in. Naturally, that is my thing and they are oh so good at it. Camera, our local heroes, are of course at their best when doing improvised underground sessions. I'll be early, tapping my feet.


Glasses at about:blank: Consisting of members from various and notable other hardcore bands, Glasses made their own mark pretty fast. They play heavy and in your face hardcore with angry female vocals and they know their stuff so prepare to get your hair blow-dried this Wednesday.

Momus and Mirror Talk at bei Roy: Momus is as awesome as his music is hard to describe. Judging from the songs you can listen to online, he does very poppy but yet quirky electronic cut up music accompanied by fluffy vocals. Live this is more a performance than a concert and be assured it's potentially stunning. Mirror Talk from Berlin plays some dark and unmistakably 80s influenced electro wave music, not unlike early Depeche Mode and comparable acts of the time.

I Am Oak at Schokoladen: Another indie folky singer songwriter music evening at Schokoladen. I Am Oak may do nothing that other bands haven't already done before but they are rather good at writing songs that create a mood. Check them out.

Messer + Noem + Dramamine + Centuries + Patsy O' Hara + Blckwvs + Union of Sleep at bei Roy: well this is quite a line-up. Eight bands (plus one secret special guest band) celebrating the Berlin stop of a this Charming Man Records label tour. There's probably something in it for everyone if you're into punk and hardcore sorts of music and I'm pretty sure this is going to be packed.
Mary Ocher and Your Government at Haus der Berliner Festspiele: We have written about this lady before, and it may or may not be your cup of tea, kinda like Marmite, but I like this setting. She is playing as part of a performance art festival. Check out the precise time in our calendar - apparently they run a tight schedule.

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