Monday, 17 September 2012

Quick review: Jonathan Richman

I wanted to write a lot about this, then realised there was not that much to say. Jonathan Richman does what he does and he does it so well. It is music that you can dance to and sing along to, it is comedy and, most of all, it is a reminder of how charming the world can be. He may have aged a little but he has stayed young and has retained that face you could just fall in love with.

Festsaal was not sold out - a surprise - but everybody there was having an insanely good time. It was a hot August evening, very hot, and it was fun. Simple things can be the best things and Mr Richman, a guitar, a sing-along audience, and a drummer was all that this evening needed. And when he sang "I was dancing in a lesbian bar" and people happily chirped along, I couldn't help but smile to myself. Simple pleasures in life, musically performed by J Richman.

P.S.: I attempted to take pictures but the steam inside Festsaal was so dense that night that no photos came out right.

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