Monday 21 May 2012

Quick review: Simone White

Last Friday was a sort of experiment. My best friend invited me to watch Simone White at the "new" Crystal Club, which is really the back room at Columbia Club. It was an experiment because I hadn't really heard of Simone White before.

Simone White is a fragile looking lady with a strong voice. Singer-songwriter music for poets and intellectuals. She tells stories in her songs, though all of them are a bit melancholic. If you are into the singer-songwriter genre, you will most likely like what she does.

The gig was split in two, one half with band and the other half as a solo performance. You could say that, overall, the former half of the evening consisted of the new material, the latter of the older songs, which were generally better received by the audience.

The lady played for 1,5 hours straight and I for one would have really appreciated a seat after about a quarter of an hour. Some people squatted on the floor, obviously feeling the weight on their feet, too. It's admirable that she played for so long and gave the audience her all but it also dragged on a bit somehow. This type of music calls for comfortable cozyness.

Anyway, if you are into the genre, check out her older material.

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