Sunday 13 May 2012

Preview: the week ahead (14th - 20th May)

A jam-packed week and we are looking forward to the madness that is Berlin's live music circuit. Now, if spring could just play along a little...

Jason Urick at Madame Claude: Experimental Mondays at Madame Claude can be a hit-or-miss kind of affair. This Monday promises to be special though. Jason Urick creates ambient sound scapes with experimental bits thrown in. You will need to be seated, or ideally lying down, to fully appreciate this. It may then just blow your mind.

Boy Friend and ill winds at King Kong Klub: No this is not the Korean boyband playing at KKK this week. Though we would have probably gone to that one, too. Instead, this is a Texan female two-piece who play chilled out synth pop with guitar effects, and fabric conditioner - very soft. For fans of Pocahaunted and Coco Rosie. Support comes from Australians turned Berlinians ill winds.

Royal Baths and Hellshovel at White Trash: I keep asking myself why so many interesting shows are still being booked at the, in my opinion, awful White Trash. Anyway, that probably shouldn't keep you from going here if you're into the bands and want to support them. Royal Baths play a lo fi version of something between garage and indie rock. Reminds me a bit of a lo fi mixture between Deerhoof and the Unicorns. Hellshovel are another band from the Demon's Claws surrounding. If you're into some garage punk, this is for you.

Yip Deceiver and Hush Hush at West Germany: This Of Montreal side-project is so incredibly funky poppy dancy disco, you wonder how you ended up in that time machine to the early 80s. If you like dancing the night away, you absolutely cannot miss this, you just cannot. Hush Hush complements well with his dance madness. Probably a rare chance to party to this at cozy West Germany. It will be a bigger venue next time for sure.
Woog Riots and Zebra and Snake at Schokoladen: Extremely fun electropop post punk from Woog Riots. Tonight is a tough one for the dance-hungry. Too many choices. This will get you moving though. It just will. Be early, you know the deal at Schokoladen. If it's not sold-out by then, you could in theory head straight to WG afterwards to continue your dance to Yip Deceiver. Good luck, it would make an amazing dance night.

High Places and Lucky Dragons at Marie-Antoinette: M-A is staging its first in-house festival this week. Tonight, day 1, is probably the most anticipated of the four-night Kopflos event. The LA based duo High Places will get everybody dancing with their rhythmic sound, melodies and dreamy vocals. If you enjoy U.S. Girls or Dirty Beaches, you will also like this very much. Lucky Dragons combine art and music in a way few touring bands do. You never quite know whether you are watching a sound art installation at a gallery or band giving an experimental music concert. The bounderies are vanishing with this group. Very intellectually stimulating.

Tsembla and Andrea Belfi at Ausland: This sounds like a promising mix between electro acoustic experimental music and an interesting experimental drummer. Check Ausland's homepage for more details and more links.
Hayvanlar Alemi and Basketball at Marie-Antoinette: The second night at M-A's Kopflos Fest brings us "a killer hyper-colourful improvising psych-rock unit" from Ankara, Turkey. Intriguing and exciting. Support from local starlets Basketball.

The Ex at Magnet Club: If you missed the Ex last year (see our review here), you've got another chance this Saturday. If you didn't miss the Ex last year, you probably should go see them again, anyway. They're awesome! I mean it!
The Feminists, Delta Love and Jimmy Trash at Antje Öklesund: High energy garage punk with a lot of hair from The Feminists. Go rock.
Keep Shelly In Athens and Aniaetleprogammeur at Marie-Antoinette: Kopflos day three. Mellow dance music as we hear it a lot these days. C*s  kinda into this jamming poppy affair and if it wasn't for Extra Life she would probably be seen swaying at Marie-Antoinette on this Saturday. But there is Extra Life. Nevermind.
Extra Life and Touchy Mob at West Germany: Extra Life are rad. They're like a hyperactive and mean version of the Paper Chase. Somehow very dark and edgy noise rock with crazy song structures. I'm excited to see them live! Touchy Mob are somehow the opposite. I saw them last year and they played very calm and almost ambient like singer songwriter music with piano, guitar and a nice voice. I think this could be really cool together!

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