Monday, 28 May 2012

Quick review: Austra

Austra played the Melt Weekender at Astra on Friday. Astra always gives me a hard time. Either can't see a thing or I end up in a position where the sound is unbearable. However, tonight I managed to see and sort of hear a good show. I got lucky so to speak.

Austra were never going to be as amazing as they were on New Year's Day. That show was simply too magical. But they definitely gave a convincing performance as always - these kids are pretty professional at it by now. As usual, the crowd loved their dancy dark tunes and sang along and danced. It was swell.

I didn't stay for the headliner Miike Snow simply because I was too tired. But I did wonder whether they managed to keep up the energy that Austra had revved up among the audience. 

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