Friday, 4 May 2012

Preview: the week ahead (7th - 13th May)

Now did you enjoy that weather? Did you get sunburned? Did you have picnics and did you throw rocks in SO36? We did (almost) all of this and we were loving it. How drepressing to watch the weather forecast for the coming days. Let's not. Let's look at the preview instead - a week of large-scale concerts and few small venue gems.

No Problem, Strange Attractor and The Kurws at bei Roy: What better way to start the week than visiting a punk show? Old shool hardcore punk meets garage punk meets noisy experimental punk. I'm pretty sure this is going to be good.
Cloud Nothings at Magnet Club: Post punk band Cloud Nothings sometimes remind me of slow Nirvana numbers, with a dark bass, bored vocals and a sense of humour. Other times, they seem to imitate Weezer. Then again, Dinosaur Jr. They basically span the entire genre of 90s indie music, all the while being original as well. It took me a bit of listening to to like this band but I'm really getting into this band. Recommended to you.

Gossip at Berghain: I've seen Gossip (then called The Gossip) perform in front of 50 people at Ladyfest in London, I've seen them in the massiveness that is Columbiahalle and I've seen them in venues of all sizes in-between. They were amazing everytime. Beth Ditto's presence and the kick-ass band that is Brace Paine and Hannah Blilie (twin sister of Jordan Blilie of Blood Brothers fame) will convince you everytime, even though you are slightly apprehensive before every gig. This will be grant.

Sleep and A Storm Of Light at Berghain: This is going to be so incredible - Californian drone metal band Sleep at Berghain. Say what?! I doubt you can still get in but if you can, go go go for it!

The Lemonheads at Postbahnhof: Isn't Evan Dando too old these days to be truly living up to his rebellious youth image? Well, I saw him a few years ago at London's ULU and he managed to exceed my expectations by a mile. Furthermore, his duet with Marianne Faithful is one of my most treasured live music moments. So tonight might turn out sweet after all.
Trike at White Trash: For fans of Belle And Sebastian, although of course not Scottish and without charming Stuart Murdoch. Nevertheless, if you like your music twee, you are going to appreciate Trike.

Lovers at West Germany: Now if there is one thing I am looking forward to this week it's this group of girls performing at my favourite venue. It's essentially pop music with an unusually commercial sound, and you have to like that sort of thing, but it's so genuine and convincing. I expect this to be extremely busy, so show up early if you want to get in.

Genital Hospital and Mommy Boys at Bei Roy: Great lo-fi garage punk from Montreal with people from Demon's Claws and Primitive Hands. If you liked the Demon's Claws show at West Germany last Saturday, this is for you!
Cursive at Magnet Club: Two Magnet gigs featured in one craze preview? Unheard of! And again, we are talking post punk indie. If you liked Cloud Nothings on Monday, you'll love Cursive tonight. Because they do this thing so intelligently. Dance and feel smart in your Buddy Holly glasses. Cursive are so good, you cannot go wrong. Highly recommended to you.


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