Sunday 13 May 2012

Quick review: Lovers + Rat Rat Rats

I warned you, didn't I? This was going to get packed. I suppose nobody expected it to be this packed, given that Lovers played Privat Club a few months ago to 25 paying guests. Yesterday, ten times as many people paid and many had to be turned away. Sold out.
As a result, the gig was a hot, sticky, hard to breath kind of affair. And for some reason I didn't really feel like joining the mob. I stayed at the back, spent time with friends, chatted to the promoter, generally enjoyed myself while being able to breath.

Opening local group Rat Rat Rats got everyone rocking with their unusual punk sound and energy.

Lovers sounded pretty much as they do recorded, maybe the vocals were a little lower, and were dancing along to their songs. But room was scarce. They were at times a little reserved as performers but the audience made up for it. This band is greatly admired by its fans and deservedly so.

A good concert and a wonderful evening. And for a minute we all thought it was summer, it was so hot, but when we descended the stairs to the outside world, we realised that spring was having a laugh and giving us 10°C and wind. 

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