Friday 25 May 2012

Preview: the week ahead (28th May - 3rd June)

Goodness, we had a lot of fun this week. The weather, the Spits, the ice cream. We wouldn't want this week to end if it wasn't for next week looking like such an amazing week, too. See you about town for sure!

Kolter, Lisa Freieck and Monolith 2012 at bei Roy: This week starts with an interesting evening at bei Roy. Kolter from Darmstadt plays an intense mix of experimental music between drony ambient noise and electro-acoustic improvisations. His music varies from quiet and atmospherical to sometimes louder with hints of beats and structure. If you like anything from Grouper to Godspeed You Black Emperor check out his music! Lisa Freieck does something different, she plays fragile singer songwriter music, mostly just with acoustic guitar and her voice but sometimes accompanied by glockenspiel or organ. Finally, Monolith 2012 will play one of their first shows this evening. Consisting of members of Datashock, Flamingo Creatures, Ben Butler & Mousepad and GTUK they play something they announced as "ritualistic no dance." This will probably get a bit more experimental and I'm pretty sure it will be good!

Young Magic at Comet Club: Carpark Records are really churning them out, those dance-hungry indie-wave outfits. Here is another one and this time it's a more ambient kind of affair. Imagine MGMT mixed with Pink Floyd and underlined with a hip hop beat. Not as druggy as it may sound.

Codeine and Schneider TM at Festsaal Kreuzberg: I've been looking forward to this evening since the Codeine reunion was announced. Yet I'm sure not having to write much about this band. Being one of the first bands of something that got labelled "slowcore" or "sadcore" later on, they made bands like Low, Ida and many more possible. Support is going to be Schneider TM, not one of my personal favorites but let's see.

The Diamond Road Show at Monarch: Another opportunity to see Digger Barnes, voted for as best performer from Hamburg by the craze editorial, and his amazing side-kick, illustrator Pencil Quincy. See our review from last time, in which we couldn't stop praising this outfit, and get your tickets early - this is going to be packed.
Elfin Saddle and Golden Disko Ship at HBC: Trying to describe what Canadians Elfin Saddle sound like is like trying to recommend music to a 12-year-old. You can only ever get it wrong. This group is so different to anything, experimental yes, jazzy at times, yes, but overall just its own genre. If you like your horizon broadened, like to be surprised and yet like to dance and have a good time, this band is for you and hbc the place to be this Wednesday. Support from locals GDS.

Charalambides and Tonstartssbandht at Marie-Antoinette: Ambient, folk, psychedelic, experimental. Avant garde group Charalambides are all this and beautiful at it. This is going to be special. Grab yourself a seat, gaze at the river Spree and listen to these songs in awe and wonder. Not for the impatient among you but for those of you that really appreciate sound for what it is and what can be achieved with it. Support comes from experimental outfit Tonstartssbandht. Highly recommended.

Messer and Out On A Limb at Schokoladen: Messer are a group from Münster who play indie-punk and sing in German, with a really distinct guitar sound and a steady beat, plus some experimental sound scape elements. They are pretty special and you should make sure to be at Schokoladen at 8pm the latest if you don't want to miss this.
Crocodiles and Smart Cops at Bi Nuu: Over past couple of years, Crocodiles have managed to become one of my favourite bands. I always enjoy a Crocodiles song and have seen them live on several occasions, never being disappointed. They just like to rock and so do I, but we all like it with an air of art! Read a couple of my previous reviews here and here. Cute Italian punk rock boy band Smart Cops are going to play their classic rock'n'roll to heat up the room. Meet me there, see me dance.

LA Vampires, Maria Minerva, Ital, Magic Touch and Heatsick at Katerholzig: A dance music frenzy at Katerholzig on Friday night. This may turn out wild and will most definitely get late. I will probably go to see experimental weird dance music group LA Vampires who I have high hopes for and have been looking forward to for a while now. Their collaborations with Ital, also playing tonight, are worth your attention, too. Let's see where the night might take us.

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