Monday 21 May 2012

Preview: the week ahead (21th - 27th May)

Berlin is in full gig season. And this week has a lot to offer. And sorry about the late preview, we were busy or something.

Jana Hunter / Lower Dens at West Germany: There is an air of excitement about Lower Dens playing tonight. I cannot tell you how many people have asked me over the past week whether I'm going to see Lower Dens tonight. And understandably so: Jana Hunter's wavey music with a good beat and her deep but melodic vocals are special and many people have been waiting for this gig for a long time. Lower Dens = with band. See you there, yeah yeah! (see the nice video to "Brains" here.)

Obits and Bass Drum of Death at Magnet Club: A serious rocking night at Magnet tonight. Obits = surfy garage rock = really good. Bass Drum of Death = two-piece stoner garage noise = rock'n'roll. Yeah, baby!

The Soft Moon at Bi Nuu: The Soft Moon play heavily 80's influenced dark/cold wave music. Think of band's like the Cure, the Chameleons up to Joy Division and Bauhaus. They combine straight beats with 80's sounding synth and guitar melodies. Definitely worth checking out if you are anyhow into music from that post punk era.

The Spits, Hunx And His Punx and The Black Jaspers at Festsaal Kreuzberg: This is what happened in January which gigs local promoters could inform me about for the year's preview: Festsaal mentioned The Spits and all the other promoter forgot to tell me anything because an email conversation about The Spits and nothing but the Spits ensued and lasted for days. This is how excited Berlin got about this gig four months ago. The time has finally come and this old school punk rock group are going to get Festsaal oh so hot. And not only that but Festsaal has managed to secure lo-fi camp group Hunx And His Punx (of Gravy Train fame) as support. If you missed him at Cortina Bob last year, here is your second chance. OMG - how crazy is this going to be? Cannot wait!

John K. Samson at Magnet Club: John K. Samson is seemingly taking a break from touring and playing with his main band, the Weakerthans, and is playing a solo tour with The Provincial Band right now. If you like the Weakerthans you'll definitely like his solo stuff. He's an awesome songwriter and I'm sure he will be fun live.
Fehlfarben and Camera at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Fehlfarben existed with slightly varying line-up since 1979 and they were one of Germany's most famous New Wave/Neue Deutsche Welle bands, mostly for their song Ein Jahr (Es geht voran). Nonetheless they had many more songs well worth listening to, basically their whole Monarchie und Alltag record is an awesome example of how great New Wave music at that time could be. Together with bands like Palais Schaumburg, Grauzone, Abwärts, Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft and many more, they formed a vital music scene that had impact on big parts of music that's hip right now.

Diamond Catalog, Pak, City Hands and Cotopaxi (+DJ Marcelle) at bei Roy: If you're in the mood for some experimental and weird dancy electro stuff, check out bei Roy's bill this evening. There will be several cool live acts and a DJ set from their resident DJ Marcelle who will definitely get you in the mood to dance!
Grimes at Berghain Panorama Bar: This has actually long been sold out. All those hip young persons among you that have a ticket: enjoy! This is going to be amazing.

Neon Piss, Levitations, Tiny Ghosts and Lahar at bei Roy: Somehow the opposite of bei Roy's line-up from the day before, this is a punk/hardcore night with an interesting mix of bands. Neon Piss play a cool melodic mix of lo-fi and garage punk stuff. Levitations are Berlin's coolest all girl punk band. Tiny Ghost are somehow more poppy and catchy. And Lahar play something more like trash metal. Promising Müsli of music and this will definitely be a cool night!

Beach House and Porcelain Raft at Volksbühne: Relaxed and beautiful, classicly influenced pop music, perfect for Volksbühne. If you get into this hyped gig, it's probably worth it.

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