Saturday 16 April 2011

Review: Dum Dum Girls

Frankly, although I really wanted to see the Dum Dum Girls and had bought my ticket well in advance, my expectations weren't actually that great. I full-heartedly support female groups and believe that women are still disadvantaged and not taken seriously in the male-dominated music business. But I have recently also seen a few female bands which weren't actually that great and where I had got the impression that they were being supported for the wrong reasons.

My worries were very ill-founded. Dum Dum Girls lived up to everything great you have heard about them. Or her that is, since the band members change regularly, except for Dee Dee Dum Dum, head of the band. And here was my first surprise: Despite this, Dum Dum Girls are anything but a one-girl-show. With a kick-ass drummer and good support on the guitars, the band was very solid. Dee Dee herself made an impression by coming across a little shy yet also displaying that femme fatale aura she is known for.

My second surprise of the evening was not related to the band: Despite playing danceable girl group inspired rock tunes, the audience was very restraint. There was not any dancing worth mentioning and even the clapping in-between songs could have been a bit more enthusiastic. Props to the dullest audience Berlin could possibly offer.

But nevermind. With a flight to catch in the morning, I was grateful for a comparatively short set and a Smith cover encore - probably the best Smith cover I have heard so far. I went home happy.

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  1. thank you for your review. this line-up has been permanent for over a year, though, please note. XO DD