Saturday 2 April 2011

Preview: the week ahead (4th-10th April)

April is here - with a bang. What a week ahead: temperatures over 20° outside and near boiling point inside, looking at the line up for the next seven days. See you around for sure!

Make Out! and Easter at M.I.K.Z: It's "Easter Special" with two live acts and a photo exhibition (starting at 6pm). If you are into weird punky no wave and like Erase Errata and Mika Miko, you probably should go see Make Out! They were great the last time they were in Berlin!
Sightings at West Germany: Having been around since 1997, this experimental noise outfit on Load is not as known as some of their counterparts. But it's a must for any fans of the genre. Bring earplugs.

Belle and Sebastian at Astra: I wrote about this gig in my year preview from January, so there isn't that much more to say about this. Stuart Murdoch will charm everyone, the amazing band will play amazing songs and everyone will hate the venue, once again. If you haven't seen them live before - go! That is, if you can get a ticket.

The Kills at Huxley's: Many people dismiss The Kills because of the amount of press they receive for reasons other than being in The Kills. Don't. This duo is as talented as it gets and perform their slightly gloomy yet dancy songs with an energy that's rare in a two-piece. I wish I could see them in a small venue for once since they always play large concert halls. In fact, the first time I saw them was their second gig ever and this was at the mighty Astoria in London. I don't think they ever played small venues. It's a tough choice whether I go to The Kills or John Maus tomorrow because I missed John Maus due to capacity issues at West Germany last time he was over. But I think given the choice, The Kills would win every time. (c*)

John Maus at HAU2: The wonderful Mr Maus will bring his wonderful dreamy songs to HAU and thus allow more people to witness the beauty of his music live.
Bodybuilding + Kid Ikarus at Schokoladen: "Thirsty & Miserable" are celebrating their second birthday with well known crazy Kid Ikarus, this time on stage with two supporters. There's also a new band in town. Bodybuilding are going to play their first show on this evening, consisting of members of Fuck U Is My Name, Vom Segeln and PLOKK this could be a promising mix.

Battles + Oval + Midnight Operator at Festsaal Kreuzberg: c*'s got her ticket ready and her dancing shoes are coming back from the cobbler on Thursday. All set. Let's dance and shout and dance some more. Cannot wait!!
Kolter and It's a Boy's Club at bei Roy: Probably perfect ending for the week, Kolter plays experimental ambient noise and is quite good in doing so, check out the video below. It's a Boy's Club plays noisy stuff with typewriters, tapes and voice. There'll most likely be some visuals to make this as artsy fartsy as it gets, so don't miss it, I'm being serious here! Also a good chance to visit bei Roy, if you haven't been there yet (or even more if you already have).

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