Sunday 10 April 2011

Preview: the week ahead (11th-17th April)

This might turn out as the busiest week of your life. If you are into live music that is. c* will be off on a plane to LA while Berlin is partying every night.
Dum Dum Girls at Festsaal Kreuzberg: The week commences with Dee Dee Dum Dum and the girls playing girl-band inspired rock music that's poppy and dancy, too. Girls, guitars, black tights. What else do you need? Spot the craze girl in the crowd.

Kolter and Gunzard at Madame Claude: Kolter for a second time. If you missed him the day before because of the Battles/Oval show, go visit him at Madame Claude. He opens for Gunzard from Italy who play harsh drone noise and there will be some fancy DJ afterwards.

Dustin Wong and The Urpf Lanze and Edgar Wappenthaler at Madame Claude: I know Dustin Wong for being the guitar player in Ponytail and everybody who ever saw Ponytail live may want to check out if his solo project is as great as they are. He plays experimental guitar stuff with lots of loops and effects. Check out the video below, I think you'll get the idea. The Urpf Lanze plays something between Cam Deas and Dead Western. Detuned free folk music with indefinable deep moans and growls. Edgar Wappelthaler is more likely known for being a part of Silvester Anfang, he plays lo fi and slow folky music. All in all great package and I'm sure Madame Claude is going to be packed.

No Age at Berghain: Oh boy. I know some don't get the hype around No Age but as I pointed out in my review in November it's the unprentiousness of this duo that's the appeal. That, and the wonderful indie punk classics that they write. And all that at Berghain? Come on!

The Ex and Axel Dörner at Marie Antoinette: The Ex play edgy noise rock, think of a great mix between Shellac and Sonic Youth. Axel Dörner is an experimental trumpet player and composer. This could be a great mix and this is certainly a must see if you're not going to the No Age show.

Last minute update: Oxes and Heatsick are playing at Raum20. If you got something better to do on friday, here's your second chance to see Oxes.

Oxes at West-Germany: I saw the mighty Oxes some years ago and still have them in vivid memory. If you are into The Ex or Shellac and are looking for something crazy and fun, go see them!

Sissters at Antje Öklesund: I've pre and reviewed this band before, so I won't say too much about it but this duo of Berlin natives is up there with the current great waft of dark psych bands. Go and be amazed.

The Dalaï Lama Rama Fa Fa Fa at Schokoladen: Psycho pop from France as mentioned in my year preview. I am actually really sad I'm missing this. You should go and dance to their wonderful music and fancy the cute French boys in the band.

Baths and ampl:tude at Watergate: Baths are on Anticon and play weird hip hop with great odd experimental beats and nice vocals. They somehow remind me of a mixture between catchy Autechre and TV on the Radio. I'm sure you know ampl:tude from Berlin. Analog synthies, teddy bears and stupid jokes, they're fun to watch and fit in well.

Bonaparte at Columbiahalle: OK, so I usually don't preview gigs at Columbiahalle. But I make an exception for Monsieur Bonaparte and his crew of nutcases. I'm a fan. Not so much because of the music, that's alright, but because of the whole concept, the lyrics, the circus, the persona. If you can get in, you should seriously do so. It's like going to a big performance art show, but with guitars. Shame about the venue but this band might just pull it off.

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