Saturday 16 April 2011

LA report: The Kills on Conan O'Brien

What a fun thing to do on your first day of vacation! And how very LA!

The Kills had been invited to play a song on the Conan O'Brien show and I had been invited to come along and sit in the audience. As VIP guests we were also allowed to watch an additional Kills performance backstage that was being recorded for the website and has since appeared on Pitchfork.

Time and again I am impressed by how professional The Kills are. Alison was wearing a jacket that was designed for this TV appearance and had her hair backcombed to a massive piece of art. Jamie had obviously paid a lot of attention to the set-up of the equipment. The sound was excellent, which I didn't necessarily expect in a TV studio. And of course, they performed "Satellite", a firm favourite of mine, live, even with gospel background singers - none of that taped rubbish. 

The sound in the small room that the extra material was being filmed in was a little more raw. The audience there consisted mainly of younger employees working for the Conan show. With a relaxed atmosphere, nobody seemed to mind that the song had to be recorded twice in order to ensure that no mishaps were included. 

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