Tuesday, 19 April 2011

LA Report: CSS

Go Pomona!! There is a lot to be said for this little town that smelled of pee the night we went to see CSS.

Pomona is just outside LA and therefore a good place to avoid the "play Coachella, don't play LA" rule. We happily made the one hour trek to see CSS in the home town of their drummer. "Come again? Aren't they from Brasil?" Yes, beats me. 

The Glasshouse looked like a former bowling alley but I couldn't say for sure. Maybe it was a cinema or maybe something entirely different. They had built the stage in one of the corners rather than at one side and that was a really good idea. Even as a small person I had a fantastic view.

We were at first disappointed when the place only filled up half. It looked like there wasn't a need for a gig one day after Coachella. But our fears were unfounded. As soon as the band came onstage, the audience went berserk. I'm not exaggerating. Everyone was dancing, singing,  shouting, laughing. People in Pomona sure know how to have a good time.

And who could blame them? The four charismatic girls in CSS (the guys fall to the background somewhat, and rightly so) put on a show you don't forget. Dressed up and in for a party they interacted intensely with the audience from the word go. It wasn't a CSS gig, it was a "CSS with audience" gig. They also delivered the goods musically. The sound was great and CSS made sure to play all their dance hits and the crowd favourites from the first album. Fantastic!

The ticket to this gig was my birthday present and I couldn't have wished for a better one. We came away in awe for a group that's proved all prejudices wrong. And we forgot about the bad noodles we had had for dinner. 

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