Sunday, 24 April 2011

Austin Report: Billy Joe Shaver

I'm not sure how many of you are into country music. But when in Texas...

We were invited to watch Billy Joe Shaver at Antone's. Rumour had it that the 73-year-old had just been released from hospital two weeks earlier. He had undergone cancer treatment. I was also informed of some shooting he had been involved in but acquitted from earlier in the year. Sounds like a real country icon to me.

The crowd was so what I expected and made me smile all the way through. Cowboy boots. Cowboy hats. Some elderly people seated. A couple of Betty Page lookalikes dancing.

Billy Joe Shaver delivered country music in its classic sense and at its finest. I very much preferred the songs on acoustic guitar, or even the couple of a capella numbers, to those songs played with electric guitar and full band. But the best part of the concert were the stories he told and the jokes he made. We listened and laughed and were touched. 

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