Monday 11 April 2011

Quick review: John Maus

My friend went to see John Maus and I'm jealous. Here is what she said about the gig. 

"We arrived pretty late and therefore only got a spot at the back of the room. But we were instantly taken in by the atmosphere: The audience was nice, the sound was excellent and the minute the music started it was impossible to stand still. Everybody danced to the magic tunes of John Maus and his dark voice added that special magic to the music. When you watch John Maus you feel like you are part of a big movement. He conveys this pathos that's very intense and makes people feel that they need to get active, as individuals and as a group. Everyone feels this moment that they share together. It was the second time that I watched John Maus play and I had only gone along spontaneously but I left HAU happy that I had been able to share this experience again."

Oh brother, doesn't that make you just want to jump on a plane and go to where Mr Maus is playing tonight? It was sold out and there was no way I could have made it into the gig. It's the second time that I have missed this magic because of sold out venues and next time this magician comes to town, I shall buy my ticket well in advance. And he'll be back, I'm sure of it.

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