Saturday 23 April 2011

Preview: the week ahead (25th April - May 1st)

Although you may want to prefer hanging out in the park, it's not summer hole time, yet.

Liturgy and Mi Ami at Levee: Liturgy are somehow the hipster's answer to Black Metal. Minimalistic and heavy, I think they really could kick ass live. Mi Ami play a highly danceable mixture of psychedelic and noisy post punk. They often remind me of a poppier version of Liars. If you liked Black Eyes and comparable bands you should not miss this! I already got my ticket.

Moon Duo and Mueran Humanos at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Moon Duo play psychedelic dark music, often sounding somewhat like a "goth" version of other Woodsist bands. Their latest record was released on Woodsist, so if you are into this labels releases you may want to give them a try. Mueran Humanos from Argentina play minimalistic dark wave music.

Peter Evans at Ausland: Peter Evans is an experimental jazz trumpet player from New York. He played live sets with Weasel Walter, Zach Hill (Hella's drummer), Brian Chase from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and numerous other. If you are into experimental music, go see him! This evening he gets supported by Magda Mayas, Clayton Thomas and Tony Buck.

Publicist at Monarch:Publicist also plays in Trans Am and Weid War. He plays dancy electronic music. Not my cup of tea but maybe you'll like him.


  1. even though i got to see lightning bolt last week and i am going to see abe vigoda the day after tomorrow, i'm jealous you guys are going to liturgy & mi ami.

  2. oh, and publicist of course!!!