Friday, 20 May 2011

Review: Ty Segall, again

I swear, for some reason there are more tall people attending shows at West Germany than anywhere else. And I can understand that a tall boyfriend wants to stand with his petite girlfriend but brother, does it always have to be right in front of me? 

Ty Segall: "What the heck, it's not everyday we are in Berlin" 
Audience member: "Scheiß auf Berlin!"

Anyway, this gig was almost like the months between the last time Ty Segall played at WG and this time hadn't passed. It was a fluent continuation of energy from the last performance. And if you read my previous review you get a pretty good idea what I am talking about. The only differences, and they were all positive, were as follows: less metal covers, even more rock'n'roll and more sweat. Alright! And when Mr Segall (think Jack White but with blonde hair and way more sexy) followed suit to the audience's request to play the Strange Boys' "Be Brave" as an encore, you could literally feel people's bliss as a perfect rock'n'roll evening came to an end.

Mr Segall & friends: you are always welcome in this town. There are not many artists that get this town dancing with frenzy the way that you do.

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