Monday 9 May 2011

Preview: the week ahead (9th-15th May)

Oh brother! Where to go, what to do? There is too much choice in this bloody town.

Handsome Furs and Basketball at West Germany: Handsome Furs are a Canadian two-piece who play wavey pop you may have listened to in the 80s. It's not new but good actually and I'm looking forward to it.

Golden Diskó Ship and Qa'a at bei Roy: Golden Diskó Ship plays singer songwriter music in the broadest sense. She uses guitar, voice, found objects, toy instruments and computer beats to create an interesting mix between experimental music and conventional song structures. Qa'a from Barcelona play rhythmic and psychedelic free folk stuff. They sound good!

Akron Family and Kurt Vile at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Experimental music that's darn hard to describe but basically, it's a bit of anything goes in a dream landscape setting to which you will dance. Sounds wild? Well, yes. Also, Kurt Vile will melt your hearts with his 60s style psychedelic songwriter tunes. Meet the craze girl at Festsaal.

Dead Western and SchnAAk at Raum 20: This is going to be the release show for SchnAAk's first full length record. They play experimental guitar noise rock and they're really fun to watch! Also Dead Western is playing Berlin again. He does singer songwriter music with just guitar and his really unique deep and somewhat creepy voice. Go see him, he's amazing live!

The Fall at Maria am Ostbahnhof: Maria is closing down and The Fall are playing. Not much more to say about that I guess.

Fettkakao Label Night at Schokoladen (feat.: Sex Jams, A Thousand Fuegos, Plaided, Stefanie Sourial): Fettkakao is a totally loveable record label from Vienna and they're having a Fettkakao Label Night on this busy Thursday. I'm sure this is going to be nice! But this won't make the decision where to go on that evening any easier.

Times New Viking at Marie-Antoinette: Fuzzy guitars the way the craze girl appreciates them. They've visited Berlin before and have made people smile and if you haven't gone to on of their gigs before I do recommend this to you.

Witches and Sissters at bei Roy: If you missed Witches when they played with Forgetters you may want to give bei Roy a visit this Friday. Oh and Sissters are playing, too!

Za! and Hai Noon and Krapoola at Raum 20: Another record release at Raum 20, this time Za! from Barcelona are celebrating the release of their latest album. They play crazy weird rhythmic and groovy noise rock. Hai Noon from Berlin will support them that night. They play more harsh noise rock, think of a mixture between Lighting Bolt and noisy Health. Definitely worth a visit!

Austin Lucas and Digger Barnes at Lovelite: Singer-songwriter fiesta of the highest order. Austin Lucas mesmerises with his folk inspired songs and distinctive voice. He is being supported by the talented Mr. Barnes.
Thank You and Skeletons at West Germany: Another fun night at West Germany this week. Keep 'em coming.

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