Sunday, 22 May 2011

Preview: the week ahead (23th-29th May)

Oh brother, are we busy enough? Not only is the weather way too nice to sit at home and do chores but the event offering this week is so ridiculously good that you will most likely not find us at home at all. Meet us around town dancing to some experimental music or other!
(BTW: you realise that J. and c* write the previews together, right?)

Anika at Festsaal Kreuzberg: I'm seriously looking forward to this since Anika's debut LP is one of my most frequently played records lately. Think of Beak> with Nico from the Velvet Underground singing. Dubby bass lines, minimalistic drums, I think this is going to be great!
Thee Oh Sees and Admiral Black at West-Germany: Thee Oh Sees play lo-fi stripped down rhythmic garage rock and are well worth your attention. Check out the video to Block Of Ice, which gives you good idea of the band's work. It's a tough one because as a Black Dice fan I wouldn't want to miss Mr Copeland but Thee Oh Sees have been on my horizon for a while.
Eric Copeland and Prince Rama at Marie-Antoinette: Eric Copeland of Black Dice fame is going solo on this tour. Highly experimental yet accessible, he is using his electronic equipment to perform rhythmic abstract dreamlike songs, heavily laden with samples. An experience. Prince Rama on the other hand use analog equipment as well as pushing buttons. Psychedelic and definitely for fans of Pocahaunted et al. I've been meaning to watch this group last time they were over but missed them because of overbooking in Berlin that night. Mabe this week will be the time for me to sway to Prince Rama.

Float Riverer and Turn to Crime at bei Roy: Float Riverer are fun. They're a duo from the UK playing "gnarled, catchy-as-a-cold garage punk hits." Somehow that describes it well, watch the video to get the idea. Turn to Crime from Michigan play something like experimental and dark noisy wave stuff. Hard to describe, listen to them, they've got lots of stuff on their website.

Abe Vigoda and Idiot Glee at West-Germany: You all know I'm excited about this one, right? And you've read my previous Abe Vigoda reviews, right? And would you know it, but I'm actually also looking forward to Idiot Glee, a one-man project from Kentucky, combining traditional folk music with modern singer-songwriter style. I like. Let's just be there early as I expect it to get full. And let's dance to one of the best bands around at the moment. Cannot wait!

Sunday (Also known as Experimental Sunday at the Craze offices)
Matmos and John Wiese at HAU: Talking about an amazing combination for fans of experimental and ground-breaking music! What an evening ahead! I have no idea whether this is sold out or not but if you are into drone noise à la Sunn O))) (Mr Wiese has done a lot of work with the band) and into experimental electronic music (Matmos) and if you need to brush up on your music history lessons, go to this and be amazed.
Nisennenmondai at Festsaal Kreuzberg: The craze girl, however, will be at Festsaal, dancing to Japanese girls playing experimental guitar music, at times noisy, at times jazzy. Oh yeah! This is going to rock and is a must. Just trust me on this one.

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