Thursday, 19 May 2011

Quick review: Mile Me Deaf

First of all let me say that I love performances at Bis Aufs Messer. Be it readings or gigs they have an excellent taste in choosing the performing artists, the gigs are usually early and with a wonderful personal atmosphere and to top it all you can look at art while listening. 

This one was special because not only was the venue right for the artist but the artist right for the venue. A match made in heaven. The audience was appreciative, the artist in touch with the audience. And the music of one-man-project Mile Me Deaf is just wonderful. It all sounds kind of improvised but given that he has released a record we know that it is not. He uses some electronic equipment and pairs this with a fuzzy guitar to create pop lo-fi pop songs that you can only like. We went away with a 7" in tow and happy faces. 

Because we arrived late and just squeezed in, we didn't take any pictures. Please forgive us!

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