Sunday 6 January 2013

XNormanX's top of 2012

Since I'm the new guy here I guess I have the right of being a little late with my most liked concerts of 2012. What a job. First the recollection and then the decision-making. Well, I've attended a few gigs last year and some of them were pretty boring but mostly I had my fun. So, here they are (in a chronological order).

  • New Blockaders, NK: British noise legends played their last Berlin concert. I didn't know what to expect and it turned out as a night I'm still crazy about. (Some photos here.)
  • Counterflows Festival, Ausland: 3 unbelievable nights in April with Kim Doo Soo, Michael Hurley, Josephine Foster and Decoy with Joe McPhee. I bought a festival pass on the first day and didn't regret it at all. Fantastic. (Again, some photos here.) 
  • Codeine, Festsaal Kreuzberg: I saw Codeine as a bored teenager in the 90s and didn't get their sound back then. How stupid. I was so happy to make up with one of my biggest mistakes. The perfect night with the sweetest band ever.
  • Charalambides, Marie-Antoinette: One day after Codeine and already the next big thing on my inner-list. A very intimate evening with Christina and Tom Carter. Unfortunately he was getting hospitalized afterwards with pneumonia, but is better now.
  • Julia Holter, hbc: Since I missed her sold-out show at the Berghain Kantine I was very pleased to hear of an extra show. A steamy show with a lovely performer and the scariest lightnings outside.
  • A L'Arme Festival, Radialsystem: The day I was seeing the line-up to this festival I was going mental. I mean the who's who of Jazz and improvised music was on the billing. From Peter Brötzmann to Irene Schweizer to Mats Gustafsson's The Thing playing with Neneh Cherry and Keiji Haino. The list goes on and on. I took some shaky photos
  • Swans, Berghain: My second chance to see mighty Swans. This time with my album of the year (The Seer) on the playlist. The most brutal show I've ever been to. My ears ringed for two days. Perfect!
  • Vomir, NK: Okay, one guy standing on the edge of the stage with a plastic bag on his head, the audience too and one hell of harsh noise is punching you unconcious. Intense is the wrong word to describe this night. It was a completely new experience for me. Some proof.

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