Friday 11 January 2013

Quick review: The Day Before Party

This has become such a great tradition and has now moved from Kim Bar to the bigger Grüner Salon: The Day Before Party. And many came to celebrate and thereby deflate New Year's Eve. The place was packed. 

The musical spectre had a wide range but never ventured from the quirky and odd. 

Toby Goodshank, becoming somewhat of a Berlin institution, played with his sister under the name of Double Deuce and delighted with catchy sing-song and, to top it off, a Guns'n'Roses cover. Now that is classy!

The Chap member Johannes von Weizsäcker presented his new project, Ziemlich Einfach, and first stunned and then delighted the audience with his German language electronica improv tunes, reminding us at times of Hamburger Schule. Fellow Chap musician Berit Immig joined for a couple of songs, one being a German language cover of a Chap song. Very good fun.

ampl:tude did what ampl:tude does and got peeps dancing with their highly fun infused analog synthie magic, though there seemed to be an additional member on stage compared to last time I saw them. Either way, there was a lot of moving around on stage with switching of instruments mid-song, which turned this whole affair not only into a dance party but into a visual performance, too.

This party just never lets you down. You meet all your mates a day before the biggie and you all have the fun you derserve in a relaxed environment. Until next year!

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