Friday 4 January 2013

What's in store for 2013 pt. 1

On an irregular basis, I give an overview of gigs in the near to mid-term future that are getting us excited. With 2013 just started, this is as good a time as any to preview the months ahead.

King Khan and the Shrines at Festsaal: The King is back, this time with big band Shrines and a big party promise in tow.
Cold Specks at Comet Club: The soulful voice of Al Spx and her band Cold Specks know how to write a good pop tune that you can listen to while doing the dishes or driving the car pondering or hanging out at your favourite bar.
Trust and Anika at Berghain: Canadian synthpop sensation for the cool kids, Trust, supported by BEAK> side project Anika, in turn produced by Geoff Barrow (of Portishead)

O. Children at Monarch: Mistakenly previewed by myself for January last week due to a double entry in our calendar, the excitement for this très cool dark wave gig is now mounting.
King Dude at tba: The deepest voice in dark folk right now and a gig with a promise.

Sunn O))) at Astra: The god of experimental drone is making an appearance in Berlin, after years of absence. This gets a few people's blood pumping.
Ducktails at Haus Ungarn: Seldomly do all four contributors to The Craze agree on one gig as a must-see but in the case of Ducktails, we are all looking forward to their post punk dream pop performance.
Dinosaur Jr. at Postbahnhof: The epitome of indie rock genius, the Dinosaur is back in action.
SchnAAk at West Germany: One of J.'s favourite return to town. We just know this is going to be a great party.
Fabulous Diamonds at Monarch: Electronically produced, extremely slow sound scapes of the mesmerising variety with echo vocals. A trip.

Metz at Berghain's Kantine: Guitar music is finally getting popular again and who better to love than Metz? So thing of the moment, but so deserved and hopefully for a long while.
The Men at Festsaal: In a similar vein to Metz, The Men have been working hard on making post punk guitar music cool with the kids again. Lock'n'loll.
Teen at Comet Club: My new discovery and addiction. Led by the keyboard player of Here We Go Magic, these ladies do dreampop or shoegaze, call it what you may, in the most coolest manner. 
Rocket From The Crypt at Festsaal (supposedly): RFTC in Europe? In 2013? This has created such waves of excitement, peeps from all over Europe are travelling to Berlin to cramp into Festsaal. We predict, therefore, that this will be moved to a bigger venue in due course. We also recommend that you get your tickets fast, just in case. 
Psychic TV at Festsaal: Psychedelic wave pop and an institution. Get those dance moves on.
Konono n° 1 at Festsaal: Experimental Congolese indie music is probably a rarety. It's so good to be given the chance to see performances of good music from Africa, a continent that just oozes with good music. And this group is especially good.
PTTRNS at bei Roy: Our favourite analogue dance music troupe are back with a new album this year, throwing a great big party at Roy. 

Mudhoney at Festsaal: Grunge fathers are making an appearance, and would you know it, neither J. nor I have seen them perform to this day. So we will be there, filling a gap in our concert lists, and probably rocking out hard.
Crystal Fighters at Lido: Redefining world music, this Spanish-British rhythmic indie pop group will definitely get the crowds dancing. 
Swans at Volksbühne: If Volksbühne is not a great setting for this, then I don't know what is. Exciting!


  1. Ne Ahnung wer The Men im Festsaal veranstaltet? Eine Welt aus Hack?

  2. Ich weiß es nicht, aber weil NoManIs die European Agency für die ist, könnte ich mir vorstellen dass Twisted Robot das veranstalten. Ich kann da aber total danebenliegen. Auch haben wir die Info von lastfm. Auf der Festsaal-Seite ist das noch gar nicht gelistet.