Monday 28 January 2013

Quick Review: Display + Levitations + DIN

So despite the annoying rainy snow (or was it snowy rain?) I made my way to Tiefgrund for the first time ever. The location itself seems to have been around for a while and includes a cozy bar as well as a cinema. In about the last half year they started hosting small shows in their basement. It's a cozy and rather small two-room basement with a tiny stage, a bar, and some sofas, all in all a really nice place for smaller shows.

This time the evening started with some delicious vegan cakes and treats from the Fika crew. They're a group of people who organize tasty all vegan cake brunches from time to time and they got some mad baking skills. If we were a food blog I'd definitely review the shit out of them! It just took me until I was nearly home again to get that nasty raspberry stone out of my back teeth.

A part of the Fika crew plays in Levitations and they both also share one member with Display, a relatively new Berlin band that opened this evening musically. They're a four-piece and play punky but at the same time melodic music and sounded very 90s influenced. Think of Kill Rock Stars bands, the Lapse, Rainer Maria and some Le Tigre. I saw them for the first time today and I had no idea what to expect but I was positively surprised, they sounded really good!

Next up were Levitations. I have already seen them a couple of times by now and we also mentioned them several times on the blog. They're still very fun to watch. If you're into poppy riot girl punk like Sleater Kinney or Mika Miko, you should check them out. Also, they have got the best merchandise around, I still need to buy one of those shirts...

Last band of the evening were DIN. They're from Dresden and Leipzig and were sort of on tour together with Levitations. Another premiere for me, as I hadn't heard anything from them before. But yet again another positive surprise. They played noisy and experimental post-hardcore/post-punk stuff, rough vocals with lots of reverb, noisy bass and rather straight guitar and drums, plus some ambient effects in-between songs. It somehow reminded me of 80's bands like Swans (but less "mean") mixed with the noisy parts of Black Flag (like the B-side of My War noisy, I mean) but still maintaining a melodic approach. They were really good and I'll definitely watch them again if I get the chance.

What else is there to say? Cool bands, amazing cake, nice location... just seems like the most adequate way to end a weekend I guess. Oh and sorry, no photos due to lack of light, capable camera and ambition. I probably should have taken some photos of the cake at least...

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