Friday, 4 January 2013

Good bye 2012, hello there 2013

2012 closed, I thought I would do a little look back on the past 12 months on The Craze. 

It was a big year for us, in which we sort of grew up, new design and all. Not only did The Craze double its monthly pageviews in 2012, but we also increased our output considerably and started feeling a sense of responsibility towards our readers. XNormanX joined us as our third writer and Gary Walker became a regular picture contributor.

One of the things I set out to do with this blog was to not limit myself to musical genres but be open to whatever, as long as I deem it interesting and good. I think we have really achieved that by now and seem to have an appreciative audience for this. The most read posts on The Craze in 2012 were the following reviews:

1) Codeine 
2) Jack White
3) Father Murphy + Mysticats
4) Refused
5) Excepter
6) Peaking Lights

Looking ahead, we have some great things planned but overall, we are probably going to run along with how we have been running. We like it that way. 

This month, we will reach our 50,000th pageview. Expect the announcement of a celebration for this soon. We are also in talks with illustrators to add some visual variation to the blog. There will of course be competitions and the likes again, and we may even start throwing in some interviews if we feel like it. Cannot wait for another fantastic year with The Craze!

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  1. Actually, the Jack White review was our second most read post but for some reason there is a bug on Blogger that doesn't show this in the most read posts list. So, here goes the correction.