Sunday 6 January 2013

Preview: the week ahead (7th - 13th Jan)

Most people make new year's resolutions. I make holidays resolutions. Looking at the time ahead when nobody will bug me about anything, when not much is going on, when no work is calling, I make endless lists of things that are long overdue and will now get sorted: that big house clean, those sewing projects, the tax return, you name it. Then, when January comes and everybody feels positive about the plans they have made for the year, I bow my head in shame because my list is just as long as when the holidays started. Here are a few gigs to ease the pain of January.

Void of Sound and Valvet at Madame Claude: It is that thing of slow ambient sound scapes and matching video projections that Void of Sound, like many experimental music artists just now, does. But of course he does it very well or he wouldn't be in our preview. Not for the impatient but worth a go if you are into that sort of thing.

Candice Gordon and David Hull at Schokoladen: Read my review from Candice Gordon's support gig a couple of months back - I was rather impressed. This is the headliner, early at 8pm sharpe, and a personal recommendation of mine if you like your ladies bluesy as I do.
Young Dreams, The 1975 and The Royal Concept at Lido: Young Dreams = indie pop with an electronic element, for fans of twee but also for those who like the current wave of dream electronica. Stemming from Norway, they actually made it as "New Band of the Day" on The Guardian once. A nice treat so early in January.

A Guy Called Gerald at about:blank: 90s type electronica and fun to dance to. Some world influences but rave really if you know what I mean. Dance the night away.
Mushy and Black Tar Jesus at Madame Claude: Dark and depressing wave music, really rather fantastic but don't expect to come out cheerful. Gig of the week I say.

Anni Rossi at Schokoladen: Ms Rossi is a singer-songwriter, sure, but this lady uses a violin and that makes her special. Sounds phony but it's true, mainly because of the skill she applies to that violin. Well, that and great songwriting skill and a beautiful voice. We seldomly recommend singer-songwriter gigs, there are so many out there, but 4AD protégée Ms Rossi will just be worth your while. Schokoladen = early gig.

Sorry Gilberto at Ballhaus Ost: Indie pop performance as part of the British Shorts Film Festival that Sputnik Kino is staging. A nice mellow pop way to leave the week behind.

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