Saturday 12 January 2013

Preview: the week ahead (14th - 20th Jan)

Thank goodness venues, promoters, and booking agents have to make a living. This time of year, few bands tour and few people want to leave the house to trek across town for a gig. Yet we do get a good offering because dudes have to live. Hooray for that.

dÉbruit at Monarch: As part of the BeatGeeks series at Monarch, French electronic mastermind dÉbruit is going to give a sound performance and though we don't know at this stage whether he is just going to replay his own tunes or actually mix them live, the man is talented and worth your attention either way. A special Monarch night.
Trust, Anika, and Zebra Katz at Berghain: Canadian synthpop sensation for the cool kids, Trust, who in turn used to feature a key member of Austra, supported by BEAK> side project Anika, in turn produced by Geoff Barrow (of Portishead), plus rising star from NY Zebra Katz. If that isn't a supergroup evening for your dance pleasure, then I don't know what is. If you are still unsure, read J.'s review of the last Anika gig.

Toby Goodshank at Schokoladen: Antifolk, alt pop, singer-songwriter, call what you may, the voice and clever lyrics of Mr. Goodshank delight and will turn Schokoladen into a cosy hang out space yet again on Thursday. Read C*'s very brief review of Toby Goodshank's The Day Before Party performance if you feel like it.
King Khan & The Shrines and The Anna Thompsons at Festsaal Kreuzberg: The King of garage'n'roll is back, this time with big band Shrines and a big party promise in tow. Good support, too. This is just going to be thee celebration of fun with all kinds of crazy antics and you would be a fool to miss out, really now.

Crime at HomeBase Project (Thulestraße 54): Our local starlets are at it again, read a review of a recent concert to get the gist. For dance-hungry people.
Cold Specks at Kantine am Berghain: To quote myself: "The soulful voice of Al Spx and her band Cold Specks know how to write a good pop tune that you can listen to while doing the dishes or driving the car pondering or hanging out at your favourite bar." We seldomly feature soul pop but Cold Specks lures me in with her voice, she really does. Consider this.
Rover at Ramones Museum: Probably pronounced Rawvair by fellow Frenchmen, the theatrical voice and sound of talented Mr. Timothée Régnier will please those who like Arcade Fire and David Bowie for sure. And it's free. Be there early and enjoy.

Aidan Baker at SDW Neukölln: Berlin based Swedish artist HLG is inviting you to the opening of his visual micro exhibition "Eye Jazz" and Aidan Baker will provide the musical backdrop to the evening. A must go kind of thing.
Bobby Long at Wabe: The man Long is British but clearly likes Bob Dylan and that American sing-song and that's fine by us. If you fancy it quiet and cosy, head to Wabe. 

Petula at Ackerstadtpalast (Ackerstr. 169): Soft-spoken indie pop for those of you who like it mellow and a little emo. One of those relaxed end-of-week kind of affairs.

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