Monday 10 December 2012

Review: Crime + Big Eater

New front for Marie-Antoinette
This night could have turned out disastrous. E.D. Sedgwick's flight was cancelled and with that their Berlin performance. Temperatures had taken a dip. The million dollar question: "Were people going to show despite all this?"

Well, as it were, the night couldn't have gone better. Of course it wasn't as packed as if E.D. Sedgwick had played. And of course we didn't hang around outside in the freezing cold. Of course not. But the musical offering was sterling, the crowd party-hungry and loyal, and almost everyone there knowing each other. I was reminded of those days when gigs were from my friends for their friends - a social happening you couldn't miss or you were the only one who didn't get the inside jokes weeks later at the dinner party.

I have a massive soft spot for Al Burian. Not only do I value this gentleman as a person but also as a great performer. Not many are this good at living the old punk attitude "I don't give a f**k" in this day and age without doing a dated street punk thing. Mr. Burian is a normal looking bloke who just loses his mind once a microphone has been handed to him. This holds true for his readings as much as for his musical endeavours. Big Eater, his latest project, was new to me. They have been very active these past few months but I had not managed to go see them play yet. But I have got to say I am very impressed. Rhythmic post punk from the three piece onstage while Al goes nuts at the crowd off-stage. I am sure a few people in the crowd were intimidated and that's what it's all about, isn't it? To challenge you, to move you, to question and push yourself. They have a couple more shows lined up - go see them while they are still underrated.

In case you have not been following this blog, Crime is a project by Mika Risiko of Sissters and Sarah Adorable. Very dance and electronically driven, and as such fitting in with a lot of the current rave trend, their punk rock roots remain evident. What they do is not new by any stretch, but these ladies are good at it, their songs being catchy and dancy. And this is what people at Marie-Antoinette did this night. The minor sound issues experienced could not stop those who were up for a good time. Crime like people and people like Crime, so wherever this duo appears, smiles and moving hips ensue. 

 A very easy and fun evening with nobody sad they had showed up despite the absence of the original headliner. Btw, a replacement headline act to please dance-hungry folks had been recruited in the form of Butterclock. However, I was too exhausted from a long week to make it a dance night, in case you wonder why there is one act missing in my review. 

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