Friday 14 December 2012

Preview: the week ahead (17th - 23rd Dec)

No rest for the wicked. One week until Christmas week and yet the calendar is not entirely empty, as one might have expected - there are still gigs to go to, things to experience. Wild and wonderful.

Masha Qrella and Normal Love at Ritter Butzke: Female singer-songwriter pop songs and for fans of the genre a must.

Graveyard at Columbia Club: What happens when you listen to too much Black Sabbath, if that's even possible? Well, you start a band and sound like Graveyard. And why not?! Very good fun.

Sally Dige and An:Idea at King Kong Klub: Dark wave electronica with 80s sounding female vocals. Very en vogue just now, ain't it?
Don Vito and Contravolta at Schokoladen: Maybe gig of the week. Read our review of the wonderful spazz noise trio Don Vito when they played with Doomsday Student, be at Schokoladen for 7:30pm and have your minds blown. Yeah!

The Magnificent Brotherhood at Schokoladen: These guys pop up in Craze previews every now and so often. Nice 60s type garage beat music. If you enjoyed White Fence at West Germany, then show up at Schokoladen tonight, nice and early.

Patrik Fitzgerald at Marie-Antoinette: 70s punk poetry legend Mr. Fitzgerald makes an unexpected appearance in Berlin and this might just turn out really, really good. We'll be there.
Peter & The Test Tube Babies at Lido: British old school punk rock and makers of one of my favourite punk songs ever (Blown Out Again). Yeah!

Human Abfall at Tiefgrund: Another candidate for gig of the week. Good German punk to have a jig, too. Think Abwärts and the likes. Party!


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