Monday 31 December 2012

Preview: the week ahead (31st Dec - 6th Jan)

Late and predominantly for those of you who still don't know where to venture tonight, here is the gig preview for this week. Short and sweet.

New Year's Eve
Hot Jumpin' 6 at Auster Club: Garage'n'Roll to ease you into 2013. Petticoat on and dance the night away.
Ampl:tude at Schokoladen: If you missed these electronic weirdo poppers last night, here is another chance, plus DJs and fireworks. Cosy, traditional and ever so nice every year.
Burning Man New Year's Eve party at, Urban Spree, Revaler Str. 99: C* choice of NYE entertainment. This is going to kick ass so hard. Six, yes six, fabulous bands: Camera vs. In Zaire, Anklepants, Jimmy Trash Orchestra, Bikes, Fredovitch One Man Band. All of these have been featured on the craze before one way or another, so I won't bore you with details. Let's just say Kraut and Garage rock are the predominant genres. There is also going to be circus type mayhem and pagan rites and food and 10, yes 10, DJs from all over playing music from all over. Meet C* there to celebrate into the new year with style.
Peaches at White Trash Fast Food: I suspect that this is booked out but felt like telling you about it anyway. The lady is rocking the last WTFF NYE at their current Schönhauser location, before the wacko burger bar meets venue is moving to Treptow soon.

New Year's Day
Gemma Ray at Volksbühne: The New Year's Day Volksbühne concert is an institution and a wonderful one at that. Last year, we marvelled at an amazing performance by Austra. This year, retro pop chanteuse Gemma Ray is performing and promises another sweet night. If you like April March or Holly Golightly, you will most likely enjoy this.

BDYBLDNG, Young Hare and Big Eater at Kastanienkeller: Again, all of these have been featured on the craze before, and I have to do my hair for tonight, so no great details. Just search our site - you will find lots of information on these groups. Especially Big Eater really impressed me the other day, so that alone is worth the visit to cosy Kastanienkeller this Saturday.