Monday 10 December 2012

Preview: the week ahead (10th - 16th Dec)

OK, so I preferred wandering through the snow filled streets of Mitte over the weekend instead of writing a preview for you. Screw me. But what's a girl to do when the concert season will just not end but run into late December? Augen zu und durch! Here is what is up over the coming days. Mostly classics that is.

Cheap Time at White Trash Fast Food: Garage punk with a grunge influence from Nashville, Tennessee. Really quite good. Fun.
Matthew Shelton and Geordie Little at Madame Claude: Folk singer-songwriter Mr. Shelton will delight fans of the genre at Madame Claude's campfire session tonight. Beautiful stuff you cannot miss really if this is your cup of tea as much as it is mine. Australian-turned-Berliner Ms Little is supporting. Yum.

Converge at SO36: If you appreciate some good ol' HC every now and so often (remember that Unbroken gig?), then Converge, boygroup of the genre, should be your choice this Wednesday. This is going to rock so hard but don't pout when you have your drink knocked over by a bunch of crazy kids. Meet me there! Cannot wait!
Mission of Burma at Festsaal: For a band to have been around since the 1970s and still be cool and relevant is some feat. Mission of Burma not only manage that but they also continue to pioneer the post-punk genre over and again. I first got to listen to these folks when I was a child and my mum was listening to Mission of Burma. These days it's my friends who play their records on repeat. Expect a review from J.
The Raveonettes at Bi Nuu: This duo gets the hearts of indie kids racing. Like most groups in our preview this week, the band has been around for some time now, yet manages to stay relevant and new. The venue is rather small for a Raveonettes show so show up early and dance the night away to their indie pop pearls.

Die Nerven and Big Eater at Monarch: Dark wave noise group Die Nerven are playing a relatively small show at cosy Monarch. And another chance to experience Berlin locals' Big Eater (review of their gig at M-A here). This is going to be good and should be your choice for this Thursday.

Pollens and Meta at Antje Öklesund: The event PR text reads: "They’re masters of captivating, interlocking African rhythms and dazzling, intricate vocal interplay among their well-oiled, gender-balanced, six-person lineup." Doesn't that sound exciting to you? Well, it does to me. Basically, Pollens of Seattle are the kind of group that do something you know (indie dance) and then jumble it up in a way that you have not heard before (minimalist, rhythmic). Reminds me a lot of Heart It Races by Architecture In Helsinki - as if Pollens had taken the concept of the song and made a band of it. I like, a lot.
White Fence and V Mac at West Germany: C*'s gig of the week. Fantastic 60s garage beat inspired night at West Germany. Don your best teadress, do you hair, preferrably with grease, and dance the night away with us. Yummy yum.

Dark Dark Dark at Bi Nuu: The stunningly melancholic tunes of Dark Dark Dark (the name really fits) will be an absolute perfect match to the snow outside. Thee soundtrack for a cold winter, a heart-break or just if you want to relax and let your thoughts drift. Highly recommended.
The Blank VRS and Sunflowerstarfish at Madame Claude: A combination of experimental dance music and industrially influenced dark wave is what The Blank VRS excel at. In the small and dark setting of Madame Claude, this gig could really turn out very special.
Redd Kross at Magnet Club: Rock legends Redd Kross, having influenced a host of indie rock outfits (musically and in fashion), finally make it to Berlin again, getting the classic rock and indie rock crowds into a frenzy. This is going to be oh so good.

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