Saturday 22 December 2012

C*'s wish list for 2013

Annually, when the year draws to its end, I start thinking about what bands could or should come through town in the months ahead. Some of it is wishful thinking, some artists have already been rumoured to make an appearance, and some gigs have even been confirmed. You never get everything you wish for, but here is my wish list for 2013 Berlin gigs. C'mon Santa, pleeease, I promise to be good.

Fuck Buttons

Lightning Bolt
The Chinese Stars
Foot Village
Civil Civic

Dirty Beaches (can't get enough)
Dinosaur Jr. (19th Feb - alright!)
Cold Showers

Rocket From The Crypt (2nd Apr - yeah baby!)
Los Crudos

U.S. Girls (again again)
Dead Skeletons (must see band of the year!)
Total Control (missed their apparently amazing gig this year)

More likely than anything though, dozens of great bands will come through town and I will  have never heard of them until the week they play and I will fall in love again and again. That's what usually happens and it's why I love live music as much as I do.

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